Metamorphism test

Science is a world of knowledge. Perhaps it is you in a world. Your very own world. But when it comes to metamorphism, people just can't take their eyes off of it, EH? I mean, god, metamorphism isn't all that great!! Anyway, enjoy the test and be careful. Very, very careful indeed.

This test requires lots of knowledge from your...brain. You must think about the right answer, go over the answers three more times, them look to the sky and say, "I believe in science." You then should get the right answer, my aquaintance.

Created by: Prowler24
  1. What is metamorphism?
  2. What do the agents of change include?
  3. When does the process of metamorphism take place?
  4. Is metamorphism easy to study for geoligists?
  5. How many types of metamorphism are there?
  6. What are they called?
  7. The types are called regional and contact. What is regional metamorphism?
  8. What is contact metamorphism?
  9. What is cementation?
  10. What is lithification?
  11. Which one below is real in this case?
  12. Okay, fine. Last question. What is organic weathering?

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