Messed Up Love (part 2)

Hey hey!!!!!!!! This is the second part of my first quiz series and I hope you enjoy it and keep commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi. Recap- You go to a new school and meet a girl named Rachel. Then, after school, Rachel tells you she needs to tell you something...............

Created by: Pjlover
  1. She leads you to her backyard and you guys walk through the woods. Finally, when you've gone far enough Rachel stops you points to a circle of mist that looks like a portal. "Whoa! What is that?" you ask Rachel. "The portal to Quell," Rachel replies. "And what exactly is Quell?" you ask. "Quell is a place," Sam says. "Yeah I know that but could you be more specific like what you do there and stuff?" you reply.
  2. "Quell is a town where people like me and Sam train to control our elements," Rachel says. "What do mean by 'people like you and Sam'?" you ask. "Sam and I and all the people in Quell are known as 'Quell Wizards' and our job is to protect the world from evil people who want to conquer the human race." Rachel replies.
  3. "And why exactly am I here?" you ask. "Because I wanted to know if you wanted to become a Quell Wizard. Ever since lunch I knew you would be a PERFECT Quell Wizard, and we need as many people as we can to help us," Rachel says. "Maybe, but what would I do?" you ask. "Well, like I said, you would get an element based on your personality and you would use it for good," Rachel replied. "Ok, I'm in, I mean saving the human race? Totally! So, now that we settled that, can we actually go in to Quell?" you asked.
  4. "No we cannot go into Quell yet because you are not an official member. To become an official member you must answer these questions," Rachel says, handing you a note pad with 3 pages worth of questions. "Give them to me tomorrow on the bus and I will tell you what element you are at lunch," Rachel says walking back to her house.  "Ok," you say heading towards your house.
  5. When you get home you do HW, eat dinner, do MORE HW, take a shower, and lastly DO MORE HW!!!!! Finally, at 12:28 you get in bed. Just then, at precisely 12:29 you remember: the questions. You quickly hop out of bed, turn on the lights, and grab the note pad with the questions. You sit down in a chair by your desk and start to answer the questions.
  6. The first question is "What is your favorite color?". Wow these are the questions? you think to yourself. I thought the questions were REALLY hard like 'What is the Capital of Quell' or something like the but whoa, these questions are TOO EASY you think again. Finally, about 2 minutes later, you finish the questions and put the note pad in your backpack.
  7. **Time Forward, on the bus the next day** "So, ________, did you answer the questions?" Rachel asks you as soon as you slide into the seat. "Yeah," you reply, taking the note pad out of your backpack and handing it to her. "Ok good, I'll tell you at lunch," Rachel says, stuffing the note pad into her backpack. After that, you just listen to your IPod for the rest of the bus ride.
  8. **Time Forward, LUNCH** When it's finally lunch time you rush over to Rachel to find out what element you are but see that Rachel is talking with four HAWT guys!!! You walk over slowly to where Rachel is sitting and quietly sit down next to Rachel. As soon as you sit down Rachel spins around and says "Hey! Guess what? These guys are new transfer students! I know them because they are on my brother's football team but I should introduce you," Rachel says
  9. "This is Jason," Rachel says motioning towards a guy with golden-blonde hair and dreamy sky blue eyes. "This is Drake," Rachel says pointing to a guy with a short black hair covering part of his eyes, which are a vivid, emerald green color. "This is Josh," Rachel says pointing to a guy with light brown hair and big brown eyes that could melt a human. "And lastly, this is Nick," Rachel said pointing towards a guy with with dirty-blonde hair and solemn brown eyes.
  10. "Hey," all the guys say in unison."Hi," you reply feeling really awkward. Luckily, Rachel stopped the awkwardness. "So, you guys wanna see a movie after school? Me and Sam have been planning to go to see The Hunger Games. Wanna come?" she asked. "Ok," you all say. "Great let's meet tonight at 8:30," Rachel says.
  11. **Time Forward,8:38** "Let's go the movie is starting soon!" Rachel said as you guys rush through the lobby. At precisely 8:40 you are all in the big movie theater. You choose to sit next to:
  12. **Time Forward, after the movie** "That was an awesome movie right?" Jason asks. "Yeah," you and everyone else replies. "Oh holy crap, I gotta get home it's 11:58 already! I didn't know the movie was that long!!" you exclaim dashing for your car. Finally you spot your red convertible, and quickly jump in. "See ya tomorrow guys!" you exclaim.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Yeah, I know this is a crappy cliffhanger but I had to end this quiz sometime!!!!!!!!
  14. Please comment and rate and don't forget............ COME BACK FOR PART 3!!!!

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