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  • @_ViolaLover_ Huh? Then what's your name? Y'know, common names depends from country to country... For example, where I live, it's like, Ida(Pronounces Eeda), Anna, Fanny(Pronounces Fahnny), Maja(pronounces Maya)...

    To the quiz maker: This was really good, but I didn't understand something. Shouldn't Madison have descovered earlier that she was a mermaid? Or was it some age-thing?

  • Hey! The being in the bathtube and legs turning to a tail is like H2O! Its about these girls who went through some water in a volcano on a full moon and got mermaid tails and powers. If they touch water their mermaid form shows. Its really cool! Part 2!

  • @AiFiahK3mE, yeah, it's an age thing. in the story, Madison's birthday was a month before that, so she's supposed to turn into a mermaid a month after she turns 14. sorry if i confused you, lol.

    ATTENTION EVERYONE! PART 2 IS OUT NOW! SEARCH FOR IT AS: Mermaid love story part 2

  • thanks guys! @elf maiden, well my crush's sister's name is Zoe so i figured i should add it! plus, my crush's name is Michael but everyone calls him by his middle name... i can't say though lol! btw guys, this was my first story so i hoped y'all liked it!

  • OMG! I'm my own best friend! In case you are wondering if I've gone crazy or not my name actually is Zoe! I love that it is in this series! Please finish part 2 soon! =D

    elf maiden
  • @Elf maiden I'm like that in so many quizzes! I've got the most common name in the world! Anywho, loved the quiz!

  • awesome quiz!!! :DDDDDD


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