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Plz tell me who you would like to add as love interests in the second one!!!!!!! Um, now I'm just gonna put random stuff...asdfghjklpoiuytQWERTYHdfghjgfdsWERTYHJNBaqwertyhgv. YAY!!

Whiskerkit finds herself becoming the medicine cat apprentice, but there are possibly three cats in love with her?! To find out take this quiz!! If you don't wanna find out... then why are you here?

Created by: khahinica
  1. What is your gender?
  2. There are 4 clans: Forestclan, lead by Barkstar; Waterclan, lead by Rainstar; Swiftclan, lead by Runningstar; and Darkclan, lead by Shadowstar. Got it? Okay, let's start!
  3. Whiskerkit (You) wakes up to the sound of pitter pattering outside. Whiskerkit looks toward her mother and siblings. Flamekit is playing with Lionkit, and Birchkit is sleeping next to her. Birchkit rolls over and squishes little Whiskerkit under him.
  4. Birchkit wakes up and begins to apologize. "I'm so sorry, Whiskerkit! I-I didn't mean to!" He stutters.Whiskerkit playfully pushes him over and says, "__________"
  5. After playing with her siblings for a while, Whiskerkit went over to the other queen and went to her ______."Hey, _________! Wanna play Mouse & Warrior?" she asks the queen’s kit.
  6. Whether you chose it or not, Whiskerkit, Owlkit, Marshkit, and Reedkit all play together for quite some time. Whiskerkit, her siblings, and the other kits grew up and were finally 6 moons old."All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather underneath the Round Rock for a clan meeting!" Rainstar called.
  7. After all the apprentices were named: Flamepaw, with Thistleclaw as her mentor; Birchpaw, with Kinkheart as his mentor; Lionpaw, with Gingerfur as his mentor; Marshpaw, with Swifttail as her mentor; Reedpaw, with Darkwing as his mentor; Owlpaw, with Flinchstripe.Then Rainstar went to Whiskerkit. Her heart pounded inside her chest. "Whiskerkit, from this day forth, until your official name, you shall be known as Whiskerpaw," Rainstar motioned toward Petalshine (the medicine cat). "I have chosen Petalshine as your mentor, by the will and power of Starclan, she will give you all the knowledge and spirit to become the next medicine cat,"
  8. For the next couple days, Whiskerpaw was busy learning all the herbs. “So, borage leaves are for fever… Catmint is for greencough…” She spoke o herself, sorting out the herbs. Petalshine interrupted her and added, “Remember that borage leaves have a second use?” Whiskerpaw looked up from the herbs and thought. “Hmmmmm....” ((What do you respond?))
  9. Whatever you chose, Petalshine tells Whiskerpaw what borage leaves are used for:“They’re for helping a queen with her milk, Whiskerpaw,” she mews gently. Whiskerpaw looks down at her paws, “R-right, of course! I knew that!” she stutters. Just then, a tom walks in, who is it?
  10. ((If you chose Reedpaw, answer this one and do not answer anything else until question 13)) “Hey, Petalshine, do you think Whiskerpaw could have a break? I think you’ve been overstressing it lately. At least let her come and have some fresh-kill!” Reedpaw said as he stepped in. Whiskerpaw looked up at him and stared in shock. Petalshine rolled her eyes and allowed the she-cat to go.
  11. ((If you chose Owlpaw, answer this one and do not answer anything else until question 13)) Owlpaw came limping in, and Whiskerpaw realized he was bleeding! “Are you okay, Owlpaw?!” Whiskerpaw grabs some cobwebs and presses them to his flank. Owlpaw breaths heavily and mews quietly: “Thank you,”His mew sounded hoarse, so the she-cat told Petalshine she was going to go fetch some wet moss.
  12. ((If you chose Birchpaw, answer this one and do not answer anything else until question 13))The white and grey tabby comes panicking in, “Petalshine, Whiskerpaw, the clan is under attack!”
  13. Whichever cat you chose, Whiskerpaw comes running to the scattered fresh-kill pile. Cats are all around, panicking or fighting. Whiskerpaw sits in aw with Reedpaw, Owlpaw, and Birchpaw, but soon the young toms leave the grey she-cat to join the battle. As Whiskerpaw stood, thinking of what to do, a dark figure came up behind her.
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Did you like the story?

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