Medical Terminology

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hey girl, Hope ur doin goody,hows school?,what you been up to,ase for/me sure misse every,one especially,the ot at asurion,hows sherice,so whats up with everyone,email me at yahoo only,check myspace one ocassion,call me sometime loca.Take Care Lol

Created by: Jennifer

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  1. a-
  2. ab-
  3. -ac
  4. acr/o
  5. -ad
  6. aer/o
  7. -al
  8. albin/o
  9. -algia
  10. an-
  11. angi/o
  12. aniso-
  13. ante-
  14. -ar
  15. arteri/o
  16. arthr/o
  17. -ary
  18. aur/o
  19. bi-
  20. brady-
  21. bronch/o
  22. bronchi/o
  23. bil/i
  24. carcin/o
  25. cardi/o
  26. -centesis
  27. cephal/o
  28. chlor/o
  29. chol/e
  30. chondr/o
  31. cry/o
  32. cutane/o
  33. cyan/o
  34. cyst/o
  35. -cyte

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