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Hi guys, welcome to my Minecraft Diaries Personality Quiz! What is MCD you ask, well it is one of Aphmau, the role play youtuber with over 2,000,000 subscribers. MCD is her most famous series. Her series has over 215 episodes!

In this quiz you will see what character you are from Aphmau's amazing role play series. Until know you have taken quizzes and thought wow, I'm them? I quadruple checked and this is as good as it gets for the characters added. Be honest and HAVE FUN!!

Created by: Jamie (call me MiMi)
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  1. Me: Hey, Kawaii~Chan... will you aska MCD Question?! Kawaii~Chan: OF COURSE!!! Who do you SHIIIPPP!!!?
  2. Me:Ok, Now lets have...hmmm, Zan- Zane: I only ask questions from my BFF Aph!!! Me:OK!!! How about, AARON!! Aaron: Ok, do you love Aph's channel?!
  3. Me: Garroth and Laurence... Garrence which is your ship name! Garrence:WHAT!! Fine, Fav Color?
  4. Me:Now let's have Katelyn. Katelyn: What would you use for comb- Kawaii~Chan:Aphmau~Senpai, Katelyn~Sama, the kitchen is on fire. Aphmau and Katelyn:GO!!! WE ARE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING HERE!!!! Katelyn:Ways of your combat skills?
  5. Me:Ok, so umm... who shou- Lilith Garnet:Gah Gah Me: Aww... But uh, how abou- Travis: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Me: N. O. NO!!! Trashvis: Wait, why did my name hange to TRashvis!? Me: Because.. So, Lucinda? Lucinda: Well, the kitchen is still on fire, and the house... but I guess What is your favorite series?
  6. Me: Ok, this is a story line: MCD bordered With MyStreet You are walking in the forest and you see Aphmau, Garroth, Laurance, Aaron, and Zoey. Zoey ave up her immortality to save everyone in the Irene dimesion and had about 900 years left. Turns out right here and there she gets killed by a bandit. Aphmau faints on the floor, Aaron held Aph's hand then fainted too, Garroth runs to get help and Laurance stays and sees you lurking in the trees, he comes and throws you to the ground and asks who you are and why you were there.You say(Answer 1)
  7. Me: Cadeeeeennnzaaa?????? Cadenza: I'm HEERRREE, um what versions of Aaron and Aphmau do you like the most?!
  8. Me: OK, with the story line before there is a part 2, Cadenza was just getting hyper. so part 2: Laurance takes you into the cells for questioning. Aphmau and Aaron wake up and ask what happened. Laurance tells them and before they sobbed over Zoey's death they freak out and come into the cell and As Aaron pis you to the ground. Aphmau starts to question you. They see that you have a eckalace Aphmau has then stopped. She gave the other half to Alina and all of you freak out. They relise you are her. (They hug you and you are cofused. What happens next?
  9. Me: I know you are looking for another roleplay part, but I have 1 question before I forg- Ivy: SHORT POTATO FRY! Me: I think we are suppose to be saying that to Aphmau. Ivy: Well you are just as short and annoying, wait... What is HE doing here. Me: Who Ivy: that, Aaron guy, the hunk over there. Me: You mean Aph's boyfriend. Ivy: WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Me: yah, so what is your evil crush?
  10. Me: So, how about Kim! Kim: Ok, has someone ever possessed you? Me:...
  11. Me:...NEXT... Dante: Dante is her! Me:NEXT Dante: oh come on ME: I SAID NEXT Kai: Me? Me: go on Kai: do you LIKE Aphmau, Katelyn, Me, or ...Ein

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