How Well Do You Know Markiplier?

Try to see if you know a lot about Markiplier, eh? Let's see if you do. I know a lot about Markiplier so i should be getting these answers correctly and also because i made it...

Markiplier is a famous youtuber that plays random games and does a lot of series of different games. He's got around 7,000,000 subscribers. I hope you guys subscribe to him!

Created by: password
  1. What is one game that Markiplier played and he was raging on?
  2. How many subscribers does Markiplier have rounded to the nearest 1,000,000??
  3. Does Mariplier play minecraft?
  4. Has Markiplier beaten all 3 FNaF games?
  5. Who are the 4 other people that Markiplier most likely play with?
  6. Which is Markiplier's favorite animactronic in FNaF 1, 2, or 3?
  7. What is Markiplier pretending to be the king of?
  8. Who does Markiplier boss around (sometimes)?
  9. What is the longest series that markiplier has done?
  10. Final Round: Where does Markiplier live at?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Markiplier?