How good do you know Markiplier?

How well do you know Markiplier? Well I know Markiplier well, because I made this Quiz and I hope you know Markiplier as well as I do, I love Markiplier.

Well there are 17 questions answer each carefully, and with all of your Markiplier knowledge. Good luck young Markifan may Markiplier be with you ....

Created by: Decker

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  1. What is Markiplier?
  2. What is Markiplier's name
  3. How many subscribers does Markiplier have?
  4. What genre is Markipliers videos?
  5. What gaming genre does Markiplier mostly do?
  6. When was Markiplier born?
  7. What was the highest difficulty did Markiplier do on Five Nights at Freddy's?
  8. Which game did Markiplier cry in?
  9. How many siblings does Markiplier have?
  10. What is Markiplier's companion in Amnesia: A Late Night Drink
  11. Did Markiplier Every Play The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth?
  12. What does Markiplier HATE in Alien: Isolation?
  13. How old is Markiplier?
  14. What is Markiplier's favorite color?
  15. What is the Series name for when Markiplier, Bob, and Wade are drunk and play minecraft?

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Quiz topic: How good do I know Markiplier?