How well do you know Aphmau's mystreet

This is about the famous youtuber Aphmau! and her roleplay mystreet and it is amazing! It is about her and her friends living in the same street with her!

This quiz will prove how smart you are when it comes to Aphmau's mystreet series so all that matters is if you try your best and have fun because I had fun making it

Created by: KyraZCat
  1. Who is secretly a werewolf?
  2. Who is Aaron's sister?
  3. What is the pink meif'wa girls name?
  4. Who did they forget to bring to LLP?
  5. What high school did Aphmau and her friends go to?
  6. Who is Laurance's little brother?
  7. What poster did Katelyn hide in her closet
  8. What is Zane's, Garroth's and Vylad's moms name?
  9. How many hours does Lucinda sleep a day?
  10. How old is Aphmau in the show?
  11. What girl is crazy for Garroth?
  12. What is Aphmau's most famous mystreet episode?
  13. What is the name of season 4 of mystreet?
  14. What season does Garroth and Aphmau start dating?
  15. What season does Aaron and Aphmau start dating?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Aphmau's mystreet