What do you know about aphmau mystreet

My quiz is about one of me favirete youtubers she inspires me everyday she to me is perfect I love her so much she is funny and sooooo nice I will never forget her

Are you a FAN of mystreet please tell me you liked my quiz I care about all of your opinions you are all the best fans ever please tell me how you feel

Created by: Cameron
  1. Who is aphmau dating
  2. who did they forget when the went to love love paradise
  3. What name is aphmau's dog
  4. What is the name of aphmau's mom
  5. Which one of the people of the gang does not know how to swim
  6. Which of the boys likes ponys
  7. What was the name of aphmau's high school
  8. What was Katylens old boyfriends name
  9. which is in mystreet
  10. What is Aroens favreite colur

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Quiz topic: What do I know about aphmau mystreet