Do You Know Aphmau

Many people watch youtube ever day.some don't watch it at all.But you of many people have stumbled upon my quiz.In this quiz you will be learning about a very fine person named Aphmau.

This woman,wait,some of you don't ensnare know about her.Well let me tell you some things about her.Her real name is umm ,Jessica, (I think), and she is child friendly ,no cussing.So what are you waiting for.TAKE THE QUIZ !!!! And tell your friend about it if you enjoyed :)

Created by: Gabriella
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. In Minecraft Mystreet, who did Aphmau kiss under the missiletoe?
  2. What is Aphmau's pet?
  3. I'm bored so, what did you have for breakfast (this dose not affect your score)
  4. Still bored,umm what's 1+1(still no affect)
  5. I know one , what's the title (no affect )
  6. Is Aphmau a youtuber?
  7. In Aphmau's new series, minecraft mystreet, umm,I forgot my question? (This is a question)
  8. Who is Aphmau's boyfriend?
  9. Almost done , is aphmau a gurl
  10. Final question ,and it has no affect , do you want to be a youtuber?
  11. Ok sorry one more , do you like cookies?

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