How well do you know Aphmau?

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The art is not mine really funny you might not understand if didn’t watch season six of mystreet but I thought it was funny hope you enjoy this quiz it took me long to make it but it was fun to make

I want everyone to know that most of this quiz is a little hard so if you don’t watch Aphmau, or only know a little bit about her then this is probably not the best quiz for you ^.^

Created by: Galaxy cat
  1. What is her real name?
  2. Is she married?
  3. Does she have kids? If so how many? As of early 2020
  4. How many season(s) of mystreet are there?
  5. Is she married? If so what is her husbands name?
  6. How many seasons of Minecraft diaries are there?
  7. What episode did her voice actors first come in, in MCD?(Minecraft diaries)
  8. What state does she live in?
  9. What is the voice actor of Garroth’s real name?
  10. What is the voice actor of Aaron’s real name?
  11. What is the voice actor of Zane/Dante/Eric’s real name?
  12. How did Aphmau get her name?
  13. How did her and AwesomeDom meet

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Aphmau?