Which og aphmau character are you

Hewo there you can call meh nyalpha or ny for short this quiz is something I made of my aphmaus minecraft diaries and mystreet and ya know some phonixe drop high and falcon claw university

Also at the end of this quiz your answer may contain spoilers if your a new aphmau fan and of course the end art is not mine I can't draw that good TT anyway let's get into this quiz

Created by: Nyalpha
  1. What is your favorite color
  2. Choose one that you would date
  3. Choose one
  4. At what age would/did you become interested in witchcraft and magics
  5. Do you like chocolate
  6. Can you fight
  7. Which sounds the best
  8. Friends or no friends
  9. Which word describes you the best
  10. Who is your favorite
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz
  12. FATE!

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Quiz topic: Which og aphmau character am I