Which Aphmau Meif'wa are you?

This quiz is helping you find out which natrually born Meif'wa you are!! All credit for names hair colour and eye colour goes to Aphmau and Jason from the Aphmau YouTube Channel.

You could either be Michi, Kawaii~Chan, Mikai or Nekoette~Tan from Aphmau's Minecraft Diaries series. Answer the questions as best you can to see who's boots you would fill best!!

Created by: Catniss01
  1. How would you're friends describe you best
  2. How do you feel about boys/girls
  3. Favourite Quote
  4. Dream job
  5. Fave eye/hair colour (in order eye then hair)
  6. Weapon
  7. Lucky number
  8. number of realations (the closest to these numbers if you are not exact) (siblings, mother, father brother/sister in-law, foster mother etc. etc.) love intrest is a no-no friends also no-no
  9. voice actor
  10. Race

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Quiz topic: Which Aphmau Meif'wa am I?