Math Test

Some people know a lot about math, and some people don't. That's ok. But, do YOU think you are a math nerd, geek, or whatever you call it? Let's find out!

WARNING: This quiz will not offend you in any way if you get any of the questions wrong, because everybody makes mistakes. This quiz is only gonna test out how much of a math whiz you are, and it shouldn't make you feel guilty of getting questions wrong In any way. If it does seem to offend you, I am deeply sorry.

Created by: Person

  1. Let's start simple. 3+11
  2. 2í—4
  3. Let's get a little more tricky. 44-18
  4. 64í·8
  5. Let's get more advanced. 337+9-21
  6. 1328í—7
  7. This is extremely hard. (36í—3)+29í—2
  8. 45+75-(36í·6)+51
  9. Ok, I swear! This question is THE HARDEST!! 0+0
  10. That was it. Bye!

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