Mental Math Class 1.0

Welcome to Mental Math Class 1.0! I will test you on your mental abilities. You either will pass or not. You at least have to have an 80% to pass this particular test of mine.

There are 2 questions that had nothing to do with math. But, they will warm up your brain for Mental Math Class 2.0! It will be my next quiz. It will help you for school. So wen school starts back, you will be ready!

Created by: Say wha

  1. We'll start easy. 1+1=?
  2. 15x3=?
  3. If Jordan has 40 apples, and Darin has 15 more then Jordan, and Trevor has twice as many as apples as Jordan, how many apples do thaey have all together?
  4. How many digress is a right angle? (I used the apostrophe because my phone doesn't have the digree sign.)
  5. Danny sales 100 apples on Monday, 45 on Tuesday, and twice as many on Wednesday then on Monday. How many apples did he sell?
  6. If I make 100 quizzes a month how many will I make in a year?
  7. If Danica sells 15 mangoes at $5 each, how much money did she make?
  8. If 500 kids go to a talent show and 2/10 don't perform, how many don't perform?
  9. (This has nothing to do with math.Please answer though.) What word do you take away one letter to make longer?
  10. This is the last question. The first answer is right trust me. If you pick the second answer it will take away 10% of your score.

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