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Man, I forgot all about this quiz series. Before you ask where the hell I was, I was at home. And school. And my cousin was over. And my aunt. And my uncle. And my sister. Oh well. Recap is in the quiz.

I don't know why the examples of this always has to do with being a genius. I wonder if anyone has even made a genius quiz... Probably. They make a lot of other types of quizzes, so why not a genius quiz?

Created by: Michelle

  1. RECAP: "Sirius Black," he said. "And you are...?" "_____," you said. "Nice to meet you, _____," he replied, the grin still on his face, practically making you swoon. "And you too, Sirius. I hope I'll see you again." "Oh, you will, _____. No doubt about that." He winked, making you blush. He noticed and chuckled, then he went back inside his compartment. You grabbed Severus' arm (who you momentarily forgot was there, along with James, during your conversation with Sirius) and dragged him back down to your compartment. "But, the candy!" He said, his eyes widening. "Never mind the candy, Sev." You sighed, sliding the compartment door shut behind you both.
  2. When you and Severus got back, no one said anything a except you, who was trying to break the silence. But, of course you said all the wrong things, like, "So, how about those Hollyhead Harpies?" Obviously, Lily was a Muggleborn and didn't know hat the actual hell you were talking about (okay, maybe she did, but she didn't watch professional Quidditch since she has homework and tests and such, an she certainly didn't watch it at home. She knew who they were, though. She is one of the brightest witches in your year). And Severus didn't watch Quidditch because he just wasn't interested in it. (You tried many times to get him to watch it, but he didn't like it, so you stopped). You even said, "So, those are James Potter and Sirius Black?" That caused Severus and Lily to glare at you. Oh, if looks could kill... you would have been long gone. "Well... I'm gonna go change into my robes."
  3. "Ugh," Lily said once you got back. "I can't even stomach those two... those... toerags!" She huffed in frustration. "Come on, Lily Pad," you said, trying to calm her down with the "affectionate" nickname you ha given her in your first year. It didn't work. Nothing ever did when it came to Potter and Black. To be quite honest, you could see where see was coming from. Despite their good looks, James gave off an aura of arrogance, and Sirius gave off an aura of annoyance. "And we... we didn't even get the candy!" Lily continued. You bit back a chuckle and glanced at Severus out of the corner of your eye. Seriously, what was up with these two and the candy? There were more important things to think about"”the O.W.L.S next year, for instance"”and they worry about not getting some damn Every Flavour Beans? You shook your head, also shaking the thoughts from your head. Your friends sure were an interesting lot. And you absolutely loved it.
  4. After a long while of listening to Lily rant about James Potter, calling him a few things that aren't safe for younger children to hear, you finally felt the train stop (don't worry, though. You, Lily, and Severus got your candy!). You all stood up and gathered your things together. Then, you stepped out of the compartment, stopping and waiting for the other two. After a short while, they also walked out with their things, and you three got off of the train and went into a carriage together with another girl called Mary McDonald, who happened to be good friends with Lily. Lily introduced her to you and Severus, and you two really hit it off. She was a Gryffindor, too, so you didn't really know why you two had never met before, but you were glad you met her now.
  5. You all exited the carriage, and went into the castle together. You, along with Lily, reluctantly said goodbye to Severus. Mary asked you two to sit with her and her friend Marlene McKinnon during the opening ceremony and feast. You happily agreed, and you all went over to the Gryffindor table to sit down. Marlene was already there, and Mary sat next to her on the right side with Lily on the left, leaving you to sit beside Lily, her on your right. You were actually quite happy that you made new friends this year, and you couldn't hide the grin on your face. But, alas! you were getting a bit too lucky. So, of course, the universe had to even it out. And, of course, the universe chose the worst way to do so.
  6. You noticed someone sit beside you, and you turned our head slightly to the left to see who it was, only to meet the handsome, grinning face of Sirius Black. You wanted to roll your eyes, but couldn't bring yourself to actually do it. Instead, you just turned back to your new group of friends. That's when he tapped your shoulder, causing you to quickly turn around. "What, Black?" You asked him, a hint of annoyance in your voice that you didn't even try to cover up. "I would like to introduce you to my friends," was his reply. Your eyes flickered over to a boy around your age sitting in front of him. "This is Remus Lupin," Sirius said, gesturing towards the boy. Your eyes quickly scanned over Remus' appearance. Damn, you thought, Sirius has some very good looking friends.
  7. He had a slightly disheveled appearance, yet he was actually quite cute. He had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, and a few scars here and there. You wondered how he got them. Since he didn't really look like the type of guy to get into fights and looked more of a bookworm (a very attractive bookworm at that), you ruled out any type of brawling. This all went through your mind in under a second, since Sirius was introducing you to the rest of his friends. He skipped over James"”who was sitting next to Sirius, but had just gotten up to bother Lily"”and wen straight to another boy, sitting by where James was previously seated.
  8. "And this," Sirius said, "is Peter Pettigrew. Peter, Remus, this," he turned back to you, that stupid grin still plastered on his face, "is _____." You gave a half-hearted wave, your hand barely reaching your chin. "Aw, come on, _____. We're all friends here. Wave like you mean it." "Black, there are two things wrong with that sentence. One, we aren't friends. You three are friends, but I'm not. Not with you, anyway. Two, that's the problem: I don't mean it." "You have quite the attitude, _____. Exactly what I like in a girl." Sirius winked at you am you pretended to gag. "Sirius, don't scare the poor girl." You heard Remus speak for the first time, and the corners of your lips quirked up when Sirius turned to glare at Remus, who wasn't paying attention to him. Noticing that Remus wasn't going to look up and catch Sirius glaring at him, Sirius sighed and shrugged lightly and didn't say anything else to you. Though, you swore you heard Sirius mutter something under his breath. You smirked and turned back to Lily (who was trying to keep James from flirting with her, Marlene, and Mary) and all but rolled your eyes. "James Potter, must you continue to harass us? Lily doesn't look too happy, so if I were you, I would sit back by Sirius while you still have both a body and your dignity." You said this calmly but sharply. Out of the corner of you eye, you saw Remus smirking, but you decided to ignore it. Lily grinned at you and James went back, reluctantly, to his friends.
  9. You were quite surprised actually, since James is usually so stubborn when it comes to leaving Lily alone. You grinned broadly, which caused Lily"”even though she had grinned only a moment earlier"”to give you a weird look. You told her that everything was alright and that you didn't just kill someone, which caused Lily to chuckle and say, "You looked like you did." "Looks can be deceiving, Lily Evans. I thought you, of all people, would know that. I mean, you are possibly the smartest witch in our year." You grinned at your best friend. She blushed and denied that she was the smartest, causing you to laugh. "Oh Lily. Always so humble. Sometimes it annoys me to no end." You laughed again. "Just kidding. But really, you are. End of story."
  10. Lily rolled her eyes at you and opened her mouth to reply, but then the first years started to be sorted. You clapped every time one was sorted, and clapped the loudest when one as sorted into Gryffindor, adding in some cheering and whistling here and there. You also welcomed a few first years into the house as thy sat down. Once all the first years were sorted, Headmaster Armando Dippet stood up and started the welcome speech. You really weren't listening"”not like you ever actually do"”and neither were your friends. This was because, all throughout the speech, James Potter and Sirius Black thought it would be funny to crack jokes unrelating to the subject of which the Headmaster was talking about. You rolled your eyes when they started snickering"”along with Peter"”and whisper-yelled for them to shut up.
  11. "If you two don't shut up I will stab you both in the eyes and knit with your optic nerve," was what you WANTED to say, but you feared you could go to Azkaban for threatening them so colourfully, so oh just settled for a good ol', "Shut up." Simple, but effective. And, of course, someone heard only you speak, and you got called out for it by the Gryffindor Head Boy. "I didn't"”but they just"”I wasn't even"”ugh!" You huffed, rolling your eyes at the student. Sirius, James, and Peter were almost crying tears of laughter by now, and you called them quite a few names in your head that you couldn't say aloud because of the first years. Finally, the speech was over and you could all eat. Your entire face lit up at the sight of the food. You've been there for four years and you still haven't gotten used to the feasts. "I love magic," you murmured to yourself before digging in. You helped yourself to a couple of rolls of bread, a goblet of pumpkin juice, two turkey legs, and potatoes. You scarfed that down, earning a nudge and a whisper from Sirius. "Slow down. It isn't going anywhere any time soon. But, I do like a girl with an appetite." You dramatically gagged when he said that and he chuckled before winking at you and continued to eat. You shrugged and got some chicken and ate that before continuing to dessert. You got two slices of apple pie and ice cream, then stopped, declaring yourself full.
  12. You chatted with Marlene, Mary, and Lily for a while as they continued eating; then you talked some more as you all waited for everyone else to finish. Finally, everyone else was done and you were all dismissed. You followed the Head Boy and Head Girl to the Gryffindor common room. Once you reached the painting of the Fat Lady, the Head Boy said the password and you all climbed through the portrait hole. You, Marlene, Mary, and Lily quickly stood to the side to avoid being run over by the excited first years, laughing a bit as you all watched the sight.
  13. You and your new little group of friends sat in the common room"”some on the ground and some on the couch"”after deciding that you all weren't that tired yet and agreeing not to be loud so you wouldn't wake any first years. You all talked about random things from life at home to what you wanted to be once you graduated from Hogwarts (you said that you wanted to either play chaser for the Hollyhead Harpies or be an Auror). After a while, Marlene yawned. "Well, I'm getting quite tired. Goodnight everyone." She stood up and waved to you all, and you waved back. Then, she headed up to the girl's dormitories, along with Lily.
  14. You stood up not five minutes later. "I'm pretty tired, Mary, and I'm sure you are, too. Let's go upstairs." You held your hand out for her and she grabbed it, standing up. You two walked up to the girl's dormitories and changed into your nightclothes. Then, you climbed into your bed and she did the same. "G'night, Mary. It was nice meeting you today." You said. "You too, _____. Goodnight." You pulled the blankets up to your chin and turned onto your side and closed your eyes, falling asleep quicker than you and all summer. 'Must be these damn pillows,' you thought. 'They're soft as hell.'
  15. BAM! We're done here! And sorry @Aria, @vulturemonem, and @elf maiden that it was only a few questions longer, but it was longer, I guess. Close enough. I'm just pretty tired now. I think I should stop writing at 11:00 at night, but then I'm like, "Nope," so I write at 11:00 at night and this is what happens. And sorry @Aria for posting this over a month late. Thing is, I wrote it forever ago, but I never got around to making the quiz. Sorry! School's out soon, so maybe I'll get a few around.

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