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  1. You awake to faint singing.You keep your eyes closed by insinct.You know that you're in Jasper's Kingdom.In his room on the ground like last time.The singing suddenly ceased.Then you hear whispering voices.It was in another language,so you tuned your Omnilingualism power in.It appeared to be French."Quand elle a éveillé?"A male voice says.When will she awake?Is what it means."Je ne know.She peut íªtre faking.chí¨que."Another voice says.It sounded like Jasper."Ναι ο Sir."The first voice said.In Greek?This person must've been fluent in the languages too.He said yes sir.You hear footsteps coming closer to you.'Oh crap Oh crap Oh crap!'You think you yourself.'Oh thanks gosh!You're conscious!'Elijah thinks to you.'Not the time!'You scream/think back.You let your eyes go cross eyed.That's what you saw people do in a movie you saw when someone checked to see if they were awake.The footsteps grew louder until they stopped.The person lifted one of your eyelids up.He stepped back a bit,but then chuckled a bit."She looks so silly!"He said."How dare you talk about my future wife that way!"Jasper snapped."You are dismissed Jack."He says coldly."Yes Sir!"A scared voice says,and then you hear a door leave.'How long have I been out?'You think to Elijah.'Oh Gosh,about two days?'He replies.'TWO DAYS!'You think exasperated.'Don't think to loudly!I still have a concussion.'Elijah snaps,but you hear pain in his voice.'I'm sorry,it's just-'You freeze when you hear footsteps again."Can't you just wake up already?"Jasper says gently stroking your cheek.'_____,what's wrong?'Elijah says confused.'Shhhhh.'You think.'But wait,_____!I have something important to say!''Shhhhh!'You repeat.You feel your eyes flinch.'no!'You think.Your heart starts to beat faster."_____,I know that you're awake.I saw your eyes flinch.I also heard your heart beat speed up.You aren't fooling me anymore."Jasper says softly.Your eyes flutter open."That was cute."He breathes.You blush,even though you know that he's the villain."What powers do you have?"He asks you."I'm not saying."You say quietly.He sighs."It's either you tell me,or we will have to take some blood.I don't want to have to do that.But,you know I will if I have to."He insists.Your eyes widen.You hate needles.The very sight of them scare you,and turn yourself ghostly pale."Fine."You say bitterly.Jasper smiles."I can shrink(Jasper:I know that),I can control water(Jasper:Have you practiced it yet?)No,i haven't.I also have Omnilingualism.""So that's how you knew he was gonna check to see if you were awake.He isn't very bright."Jasper says chuckling.'You alright _____?'Elijah's voice hums inside your head.
  2. 'Umm,Elijah,I can't really talk right now.Jasper right next to me,interrogating me.'You think kinda nervously.'What's he asking?'Elijah says nervously.'He's asking me what my powers are.''DON'T TELL HIM _____!'Elijah replies.'I already did!I had to!He said either I told him,or he took a blood sample to find out.I really hate needles!'You say recalling what happened minutes earlier."______?Is something wrong?You've been silent for over 3 minutes now."Jasper says checking his watch."Ummm-Yeah-I just was thinking."You reply.'Well I just gotta say someth-''I can't Jasper is getting suspicious again.'You think frustrated.'But-''Shh!'You think."Okay,I need some more information about the guys you're with.You know,Elijah,Jacob,Jon,and Kail.I only know about one of their powers each.I know that Elijah has the energy power,Jacob has air,Kail can duplicate himself,and that Jon is strong.Do they have anymore?"Jasper asks pleadingly."I can't tell you that."You sigh."Please."He says again.You shake your head."I'm not gonna say anything,sorry,I can't give up their secrets like that."You tell him."I can understand that.You must be hungry.I'll bring you some breakfast."Jasper says while standing up to leave.You don't answer as he leaves,but you do see his head lower a bit.You decide to wander around a bit.Jasper's room looks the same from last time,but there was something different.On a desk next to his bed,was a box.It was a present with a tag sticking out of it.The tag said,'To _____,with love-Jasper'It was signed in carefully written cursive.You were curious.You carefully unwrapped the paper,making sure that you could put it back together,and opened the box.You gasp at the beauty of what was inside.You hear footsteps coming up the stairs,and carefully wrap the object back to what it originally looked like.You sit down leaning against his bed,just as Jasper opens the door carrying pancakes and orange juice.He places it next to you,and lies down on his bed."You okay?"You mumble to him."Yeah,just thinking about something."Jasper says nonchalantly."What about?"You ask,without emotion."Nothing,"He says shaking his head."But I have something that I wanted to give you."He says excitedly.He gets up and grabs the present.He hands it to you.To put up an act,even though you already know what it is,you pretend to take it hesitantly.You open it to see....
  3. You open it to see a beautiful stone like material called 'Aerogel'(Look it up on google image.I have a link though. h ttp://w ww.environmentteam. com/ 2010/ 03/ 22/ thin -high -tech -aerogel -blankets -to -insulate -our -homes/ take out the spaces please lol.).You gasp.You picked it up in your hands.It's as light as air.(cool fact:Aerogel is made of over 90% air!Yet one that equals 2 grams,can hold over 2.5 kg brick!.)It's beaufifuly shaped like a heart,There's also an aerogel chain,for if you wanted to make a necklace out of it.There was a tiny little blue dot in the middle,but you didn't think about it.You can't help but smile at it's beauty."Jasper tilts his head down grinning."So,you like it?"He asks softly.You nod.You don't know why(unless you like him),but you jump and give him a hug,like you would to the guys.He seems a bit surprised,but he holds you in his arms tightly,and doesn't let go.You pull away a minute later,thinking about why you did that.He looks confused,but doesn't say anything."You might want to eat your breakfast,before it gets cold."Jasper informs.You nod and take a fork and you're just about to start eating when you remember what happened last time you ate food from here(think back to the ending of quiz 2,and beginning of 3).Jasper sees this."I didn't smuggle anything in it."He says playfully rolling his eyes at you.You hesitate,but then take a bite.It was surprisingly good.Flavor rang through out your taste buds."Who made this?It tastes great!"You ask while chewing.You put your hand infront of your mouth while talking though.Jasper's face turns red."I did."He said."Well it's really good."You say again.He nods."Be right back."He says uncomfortably.He leaves,and silence.'Okay,he's gone.But he's only gonna be gone for a couple of minutes.'You tell Elijah warningly.'What was he doing?'He asks nervously.'He just gave me some breakfast.'You say hesitating to tell Elijah about the gift from Jasper.You knew that if you told them,they would want you to destroy it.You put the rock on the chain and put around your neck.At the moment you didn't have your special necklace on,so this was substituting it until you got it back.
  4. 'WAIT,Was anything wrong with it?'Elijah asks.'Elijah,if something was wrong with it then why would I be talking with you right now.'You say annoyed.'Good point.Sorry.'He responds.'Shhhh,The doors opening.'You say as you see the door open.Jasper walks through again.'Okay _____,some business came up,so one of my guards-"He stops to look at the nametag-"Jerry is going to show you to the place where you'll be staying."You nod.Jasper leaves.You turn your head to...a..Jerry.He starts walking away,so you hurry can catch up with him.He has blond hair,and a really weird looking mustache.It looks like he's to young to have a mustache.He also has brown eyes.You follow him.He takes you through a bunch of hallsways,until you finally reach a beautiful room.It had a dark wood floor with a couch built into the floor,facing a built into the wall plasma screen tv.A beautiful bed with the artisitic pillows.(I wish i lived there...).Suddenly,..Jerry..,closes the door behind the two of you and walks forward.Your eyes widen as you see what happens next.He takes his hands,and slowly peels off his face.You gag.It comes of easily.It was a mask.Under it was still brown eyes and a moustache.But,the face seemed familiar.Jerry takes out contacts and his eyes are a beautiful blue.You really knew who it was now."Jon!"You exclaimed,running and giving him a hug."Shhh,"He said hugging you back."They'll hear us,and get suspicious."You nod."What are you doing here!How'd you get here?"You ask."I was hiding ready to ambush Jasper,when I heard your screams.So I hooked onto the bottom of one of their Jeeps,and came with you."He says."That's so James Bond of you."You say laughing."Any other questions?"Jon asks smirking."Just one thing.Why do you have that mustache?I know it's you."You say smirking.He laughs."Well,who knows?I need extra reassurance!"He says grinning."Would you like to do the honors?"He says bowing like a gentlemen."No thank you,"You say laughing.Jon's hand flies to the mustache,and he rips it off."Owwwww!"He says.His upper lip looks all red."Does it look okay?"He asks with watery eyes."Pretty good,but I think you're missing a layer of skin."You say laughing.He laughs along."Anyway.Let's get going!"He says excitedly.He hands you a guard uniform,and a mask."Do I have to wear this?"You ask holding up the fake face.Jon nods.You groan."Be right back."You tell him.
  5. "Okay,Hurry though."He says as you walk into the bathroom,close the door,and put on th uniform and mask.The mask was looked completely different then your real face.You put in the contacts,which were orange.You looked in the mirror.You couldn't recongize yourself at all.You walk out of the bathroom.You roll your eyes as you see Jon putting on another fake mustache,along with a mask."Wait,if you were Jerry,does that mean you're Jack too?"You ask him.He nods."I do not look silly."You snap."Sorry,it's just that your eyes were going crossed eyed.In fact,if Jasper was there,he would've known that you were awake."He says laughing."Oh,then thanks."You say blushing."I wish I could say the same thing."You hear a new voice say.You fear it,but you slowly turn around,along with Jon.There standing in the doorway,was a very sad looking Jasper.He looked hurt.You couldn't help but feel a bit of pain.He was really just like a normal teenager,just a little more emotional,and evil.His hurt eyes wonder to your neck,seeing the necklace,and they soften a bit."So,Jerry,or Jack,or whatever your name is.You're dismissed-permanently."He says.His eyes turn angry as he looks at Jon.He's suddenly by your side,and holding your hand.He's pulling you away,because it's to hard to teleport with two people in Jasper's castle.It was probably designed that way to make it harder for people to exscape.Jon eyes travel to Jasper's hand holding yours.His eyes flicker red as he turns furious.He uses his Telekinesis power to make Jasper float closer to him.He sets him down right in front of him.He pulls his fist back,and is just about to swing,when you scream stop.Jon looks at you confused.Jasper looks at you the same way,but more surprised than confused.Even you are confused to your sudden outburst.You run out the door.You push through all of the people in your way.You repeatedly get lost in the many hallways inside of the castle.Tears are blurring your vision.You finally just collapse from exhaustion after what it seemed to be two hours of non-stop running.As you fall your arm catches on something,you hear glass breaking,and then you feel an excruciating pain once you land.You look at your leg,and see a piece of a glass vase sticking out of it.It was so hard to think.You rip of the mask because it was making it tough to breathe.You numb out the pain,and you close your eyes,and fall into another sleep.
  6. *JON P.O.V*I was just about to punch Jasper."STOP!"It was surprising.I turned into ______'s direction and saw her.Even in her disguise,her beautiful _____ eyes shown through.I looked down at Jasper.He looked equally surprised,and seemed to notice the same thing.______ looked at me with tears starting to form in her eyes,and started running.I called her name,but I knew she couldn't hear me.She wasn't the one to take in violence(sorry if you are lol).Unless someone was making fun of one of her friends,or loved ones.I looked at Jasper.I glared at him,let go of him,and ran after _____.*JON P.O.V OVER**BACK TO YOU*You awake to the sound of running.The footsteps weren't far from each other,so you knew they were running as fast as they could.You slowly open your eyes to see all of the guys there.They were all running towards you.You slowly stand up.You look around where you fell,and see blood.Your face turns pale.You see the guys stop.But only for a moment.They finally make it to you."Are you all right?"Jacob says while helping you sit down again."Yeah,my leg just stings a bit."You respond."This may hurt.But first we have to get out of here.We need medic supplies.Jon,can you carry her?"Elijah asks.He nods.He puts his arm behind your neck,and the other arm under your legs.He lifts you up.Then,they all take off."Where is the exit?"You ask."It's straight across from your room."Jon says matter O' factly.You slam your palm against your fore head."That would've been nice to know."You mumble.You go through at least 20 halls until you finally find the exit,which literally was,10 yards from your door.Not only that,but the exit was at least 10 feet wide,and 9 feet wide.It might as well had a sign saying EXIT on it.'How could I miss that?'You think to yourself.'Beats me.You must've not been thinking.'Elijah responds chuckling.You look over at him.He meets your gaze.You raise an eyebrow.You turn your head back.3,2,...and 1.You were out of the castle.Right as you exited,and inhaled fresh air,a big pressure was lifted from your mind.You looked around.You could think clearer,and see better than you could in the castle.You blink.'Was I the only one that felt that?'You think.'Nope,I did to.Don't worry,you're not crazy.Maybe that's why you couldn't see the exit.'Elijah respond/thinks.You agree."Did anyone else feel that?Jacob asks."I did."Jon says."Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"Kail says raising his hand.You look at him and roll your eyes.But you can't help but giggle.Kail notices you looking,and winks and nods at you.Jacob sees this,and glares at Kail.Kail looks surprised,and looks away.After several minutes of awkward silence while running,you finally see the car.Jessie's in the drivers seat.(me:The whole castle is like an illusion.It makes it harder to think and see what's really happening.That must explain what happened with Jasper!Or is it....>:D).
  7. She sees you and pats the seat next to her,gesturing for you to sit.Jon gently sets you down on the seat.Jesse smiles at you,but then notices the piece of vase sticking out of your leg."What happened to your leg?!?"She askes terrified."I fell while running,and landed on a glass vase.""Yup,she's just a kluts like that."Kail says leaning over the top of your chair from behind and playfully punching your shoulder.You stick you tounge out at him."Anyway,somebody better treat that before it gets infected."Jessie says taking out a first aid kit from a compartment under her chair.You raise your eyebrow at her."Kail gets hurt alot."She says rolling her eyes.You grin."So i'm the kluts?"You say to him."I'm not the one with a glass shard sticking out of my leg."He snaps.Elijah comes over to you."I have two thinds to say.One,when I was talking to you through my mind,I was trying to tell you that Jon was there working as a guard to get you.Two,this is gonna hurt."Elijah says.Jacob gives you his hand to squeeze.You brace yourself for the surge of pain that was about to come.Elijah's hand goes over to the shard,which is deep inside of your leg."I'm gonna make this as fast as possible,to get it over with."He says.Suddenly you feel the pain of a thousand bullets hitting your leg.It takes all of your strength to keep from screaming.You let a slight whimper exscape from your lips.You squeeze Jacobs hand,but try not to squeeze his hand hard enoug to hurt him."Okay,it's budged a little bit,it might be out in about 5 minutes."You look at him in disbelief,but you don't say anything.Once it was finally taken out,you swear that Jacob's hands had nail marks in them."Sorry."You say to him."It's fine."He replies back looking at you with a sparkle in his beautiful blue eyes."Okay,now we got to put on special medicine that will make it heal."Elijah says."It burns like a fire.Good luck!"Kail says grinning.Everyone turns to glare at him."What?"He says,his smile fading."Do you like seeing _____ in pain?"Jon says agrily to Kail."No."He shakes his head sternly,and then looks up at you and mouths the word sorry.You groan.You really hurt.Elijah quickly dabs the medicine onto the spot on your leg where the shard was.It burned.Like being thrown into a fire.You closed your eyes tightly and gritted your teeth.Elijah wrapped a bandage around it and fled to the back of the car.Jon and Jacob gave you one last reassuring look before going to there seats.Kail looks at you,smiles,and then goes to his seat right behind Jessie.This would be a long ride home,you could tell.You looked over at Jessie and saw the same thing in her eyes.
  8. The car ride was terrible.Kail kept on kicking Jessie's seat,There was arguements going on in the back between Jon and Jacob about what car is better,and Elijah was looking out the window with his headphones in listening to music.You wish that you could've done that.Kail's constant kicking caused you guys to almost crash enough times to send him to the back to switch seats with Jon.You turned on the radio,went to a random channel,and the song,'Restless Heart Syndrome'By Green Day rang out.(I love Green Day.That's my fav song!)You quietly hummed to the music.Before you knew it,everyone else joined in and sang it,exvept for Elijah,who was completely lost from listening to his own music.Once you pulled up to the house,you saw that people were fixing it from Jasper's last attack."You guys remodeling or what?"You ask laughing.Then you remembered something."Aren't you all still hurt?"You ask."We have some scars,but that's it."Jacob says shrugging."Easy for you to say."Elijah mumbles.Then you remember something else."Did any of you find my necklace?"You ask nervously.Jon nods.Elijah pulls something out of his pocket,and hands it to you.Your mom gave it to you on your first day back at Avanti Falls.'What a first day.If only she and I knew what would've happened.'You think smiling to yourself when you gather the necklace in your hand and squeeze it.
  9. You stumble out of the car.You yawned.You felt tired.You're about to take a step forward,when you fall back."Ouch."You say as Elijah helps you up.Everyone else had gone ahead.It was just the two of you."Did you just fall?"He asks."No,I attacked the ground."You say matter O' factly."Backwards?"He smirks.You put on a fake enthusiastic look."I'm freaking talented!"You exclaim."You can say that again."Elijah says softly.You look up at him,as he is taller than you.He carefully takes out your orange contacts.It didn't hurt at all."There.Now I can so those beautiful eyes of yours."He says smiling.You blush.He leans down a bit so that your foreheads are touching.Suddenly,you get a warm feeling as his lips meet yours.He puts one of his arms around you,and uses his other one to hold your hand.He squeezez your hand,and then pulls away.You had butterflies in your stomach.He grins,and you do to.You both slowly walk inside the house holding hands.But of course seperate when you cross the door.
  10. Who do you like?(By the way,this is the only question that counts toward the results,so choose carefully.)

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