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Descriptions of guys.Elijah:Black scene shaggy hair with a side fringe over his left eye.Eyes:Grey.Not blue kinda grey,but just Grey.Heigth:5'11" Jacob:Skater dark brown hair.Eyes:Light blue.Heighth:Half an inch shorter than you. Jasper:Dyed dark red hair with a black streak(you find out at one point that his hair is actually natural,including the black streak.)Eyes:Black.Fathomless.They sparkle when he sees you.Heighth:

5'11" to 5'12". Jon:Scene like blonde hair.Lengthy.Somewhat curly,but not too much.Eyes:Dark blue Heighth:5'7"-5'8" Kail: Cute Shortish blonde hair.Eyes:Light blue.Maybe the lightest you will ever see!Heighth:5'9"-5'10"

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  1. He was about to repeat the process when a door flew open,revealing a familiar figure."Having fun father?"A voice says.Sean strides into the room,looking around,taking in what was going on around him.The way he said that makes me wonder if he heard anything that they just said about killing him and myself.The King seems to be wondering the same thing.His face turns a panicked red,before it flushes back to it's original color,hiding his thoughts deep within it."Ahh Sean!My darling son.Care to assist us?"He says looking over in my direction,waving his knife around that was stained with my blood.I shift a little on the ground.It suddenly felt really uncomfortable.I notice Sean's eyes study my cuts,bruises,burns,and gashes for a second,seeing exactly what I was going through.Maybe he did know?"I think she's had enough torture for now.Just take her back to the dungeon,and start again tomorrow.Besides,you haven't had a new person to torture in a long time.Don't waste it all at once.Simple as that.Carry out my orders."He says,his eyes slipping toward me again.This time they don't leave,or stray away."Do as he says."The King says,and snaps his fingers.Immediatly,all the men in the room stand up and start their walk towards my direction.The angered and smirking looks on their faces told me that when I entered the dungeon again,it wouldn't be in my current condition(in other words,they're gonna beat you up.).Sean seems to have noticed those looks aswell,because he glances in my direction with a fake looking pitiful look before saying,"I'll take her there.I went through all the trouble getting her in the first place.I'll take her."With that,he grabs my tied arms(they're bloodstained,with some blood runnning down them from the gashes),heaves me up to my feet,and basicaly drags me out of the torture room.Once we exited,I heard some whispers come from that filthy,cruel,and bloody place.Sean seemed to notice too,but just shrugged it off and continued dragging me down the hall by my shoulder.We both walk through an awkward silence,lasting about 10 minutes until we finally reach the dungeon room. He opens the locked door with a key that's in his pocket.I desperately want to say something to him.Something about what his father is planning,but my mouth stays shut._____*enter choice word(s) here.*.I don't know why,but guilt was the only thing crossing my mind right now.Sean gestures for me to go in the dirty,dim dungeon with blood stains on the walls.I do as he orders,fearing what might happen to me if I disobey him.Slowly,and shakily,I stumble my way and sit down in a corner far from where Sarah and Sean were.I saw Sarah's look of eagerness,and confusion out of the corner of my eye'Probably wondering why i'm still alive.'I thought to myself.My eyes flicker over to Sean.He's still staring at me from the door,like he did in the torture chamber.'Or why Sean's still here.'I think again,correcting my first prediction.I return his stare.This goes on for about another minute,before he blinks.He seemed to snap out of it,because he left,with a surprised look in his eyes.
  2. I glanced over at Sarah,to see her staring at me with a questioning look.'Oh great,another stare down.Bring it on.'I said in my head bitterly before staring back at her.After a moment of two of complete silence,she opens her mouth ro speak.The words that came out of her mouth,startled me.*Elijah's P.O.V*Did Jasper really just ask us for help? "What?"I said now leaning over Kail's shoulder to the earpiece of the phone."I said....I need your help."He repeats in a tone that tells me he's obviously frustrated,but trying to keep the anxiety and worry out of his voice.I was taken aback."Why should we help you?"I growl.I instantly regret saying it,forgetting for the moment what he was asking help for."Okay,if you don't wannahelp me,think of _____.Before she was taken,Sean said that my father was out after her.Sean said,and I quote,'Father said that he wants her out of the picture.'"The guys look at me expectantly,waiting for me to reply.I grab the phone from Kail.Me and my big mouth.I groan,but then answer."Of course.I'd do anything for _____."Jasper lets out a sigh of relief."Remember.We're not helping you.We are helping _____."Silence.After several moments of awkward silence,Jasper answers back."Thank You.Come outside for further insrtuctions.""Outside?Does that mean-"I'm cut off by the sound of Jasper hanging up.I look up to consult with everyone,but my eyes only meet Jessie's.Everyone else is already heading out the door.Jessie gives me a look,saying,'you coming or what?'I grin,and hang up the phone.I follow my sister out the door.On my way out the door,I quickly peek through a nearby window.Sure enough,Jasper was waiting,leaning against his motorcycle.I walk out the door,and take a place between Jessie and Jon.Jasper looks up.He smiles at us.I don't smile back.Neither does anyone else.Not even Dew,who might be new,and has only been here for a couple of weeks,would jump up,and lick his face,like her did with every new face he met.Jasper sighs."Anyway.The plan is..."
  3. *Back to your P.O.V*"You're _____ ____.You know my son,Jon.Correct?"Sarah asks.The eagerness in her eyes could be visible from practically a mile away.I slowly nod my head.Some blood from the cut on my cheek dribbles down onto my shirt,which is now stained red,opposing to it's natural color."You're the girl who Jasper is after.I don't get it.If Jasper likes you,then why did his father torture you?"Before I could stop myself,a sigh exscapes from my lips.I don't want to explain this again.It's painful enough to know that i'm gonna go through the torture again tomorrow.But Sarah deserves to know.After hearing what happened to her(P9)I felt bad for taking Jon from her,even if I didn't know I was."Basically,his father doesn't want to give up being king,so he's trying to eliminate me,so that Jasper can't geti it,because the only way got a prince to turn into a king is either marriaeg,or the death of the current ruler.And trust me,i've seen the king,and it does not seem like he's unhealthy."I say remembering how he looked to be the picture of health for a man in his 30's-40's.Black hair like Sean,but black eyes like Jasper.He was nothing like Jasper though.Jasper was sweet,kind, and confused most of the time.His father IS mean,cruel,and evil.I don't know about Sean.Just that he kidnapped me,and tried to beat up Jasper,and he's the reason i'm being tortured.But today he saved me from being tortured any further.Mixed feelings for him.There is something complex.I concluded after much careful consideration."_____?You alright?You've been silent for awhile.It's been almost three minutes."Sarah says,her soft,worried,motherly voice piercing right through my thoughts.I suddenly felt the urge of missing my own mother.I lift my tied hands up to my neck,to the necklace she gave me the first day of school.It seemed so distant.Like it wasn't even my memory,but one that i'd read in a book,or seen in a movie."oh,it's nothing."I say,not saying much,in fear that those memories would take over,and I wouldn't be able to think clearly at the problem at hand.I knew this was a lie.Nothing was the absolute opposite of what is going on in my messed up life right now."I think i'm gonna get some sleep."I said while gently,and carefully lay my head,with the bleeding cheek,on the filthy,cold dungeon floor."Okay.Sweet dreams."Sarah says,turning completely silent afterward,getting the clue that I didn't want to talk about it anymore."Yeah,sweet dreams."I whispered back.'If that's possible.'Is what crossed my mind before I could stop it.***Time Forward***The prison cell door swings open,startling me awake from my sleep.A figure is thrown inside with a sickening ~thump~ as they land on the cold,hard,stone floor.
  4. *Jasper P.O.V**Earlier in the day*The plan is simple.One of us is going to be 'caught',and taken to the dungeon.There he would help ____ get out when the time's right,tell her about the plan,and keep her companu until the rest of us come if there's now way out from the inside.Another person is going to scale the perimeter of the castle,to see where the guards are.They'd be in disguise as a guard from the castle,from a uniform i've had for a while.They'd also be looking for the fastest exit out of the castle.The remaining few if the group would go inside the secret entrance I found so many years ago.It's a brick that can only be removed from the outside,leading into my old room,which is on the ground floor.Ever since I got my own castle,they've been using it as a storage room.It's only an entrance though,not an exit.The brick can't be removed from the inside.After explaining this to the group,the question of who wanted what part of the plan was asked."I'll be the one that gets arrested!"Jon says before anyone else gets a chance to even take in a breathe.I heard some dissapointed groans.I was actually kind of hoping to do that.I've been so worried about _____.I would do anything to look into her beautiful mesmerizing eyes.Iwanted to take her into my arms,just make sure to myself that she was okay."I'll search the outside and inside of the castle.After i'm done,i'll call you with details."Elijah said solemnly."All set?Okay then,Let's move."I say putting on my helmet,as well as my game face.I hop ontop my motorcycle,and wait for everyone else to get in their vehicles.I started my motorcycle,and it answered backwith a pleased purr of the engine.Once I started my way towards the castle,everyone else hurridly followed.On our journey to the castle.Where _____ waited.*Your P.O.V*I can't help but watch what was happening.First,whoever it was,was thrown hard onto the stone floor.Then,two burly men,came in,and tied the figures hands together,as well as put a fold over his mouth to keep him from screaming.They left the same way they entered:Quick,and loud.The dungeon door was slammed shut,and I could just barely make out the sound of the key,locking the dungeon door.I struggle,but get up on my feet and walk over to the new guy."Come over to Sarah."I say gesturing over to Sarah,who is also awake on the wall.The figure-a boy,I noticed,noticing his wide torso(not fat wide,but fit,muscular build.).But not noticing anything else from the lack of lighting in the dungeon-did as I said,and got up,with struggle like me,and walked over to Sarah,who,with her right hand,undid the fold around his mouth,allowing him to speak."So,who are you?"I ask."It's me.Sean."The figure says,his voice shaky.
  5. *Jon P.O.V*The drive was a good three hours away.I was nervous enough knowing that I was going to be arrested.I was riding shotgun.The car suddenly came to a stop.I looked out the window,and saw Jasper slowing down,and stopping right in front of a thick forest.I look over at Elijah,who's driving the car.He looks just as confused as I am.Jasper comes by my window,and knocks on the glass.He gestures for us to leave the car.We do as he says."We got tta go through there."He says pointing towards the forest.What?"We have to go through that jungle of a forest?"Kail says,disbelief in his eyes."No.That is a disguise.It's a forcefield,that only magical beings can cross.Any non magical beings that cross,go through the actual forest,to another highway."He explains,and I hear a little impatientness in his voice."Any other questions?"He asks.This time,Jacob,who has been silent the whole time speaks up."You've never told us,and we've never heard it from anyone.What's your father's name?"He asks.Jasper let's out a laugh.Not a bitter one,but an actual laugh."Believe or not,but my father's name is Oracle."He says grinning.Oracle?"Your father's name is Oracle?King Oracle?Isn't Oracle another word for an angel?"I ask,laughing.He shrugs his shoulders and smiles again."Ironic isn't it?"Weird.I think.It almost feels like i'm talking with a normal,non-evil guy."All right.Enough of that,let's go.When we arrive,Jon goes first."We go through the forest;which really just like an overgrown jungle.I would feel bad for any of the non-magical beings that went through there.You could instantly tell when you passed the barrier.Not only because of the new scenery,but because the brief moment you pass through the barrier,you feel really bad nasea.I blink from the sudden change in the scenery.It went from huge jungle,to evil Kingdom.I look around.The villages looked peaceful,but the big eerie-looking castle would just give you that feeling.While we were walking through the villages,I couldn't help but wonder how my family was doing.I didn't want to leave them.I'm sure that they've held on though.Especially my mother.She would do anything for us.I looked around me while we were walking through the villages.I couldn't help but notice all the happy villagers.But aside from them,I saw a young boy,crying in the corner.I walked over to him,ignoring the stares I got from the group.I crouched down,so that my eyes were level with his."What's wrong?"I asked.This boy...He reminds me of my little brother,Rick.He has dirty blonde hair,and hazel eyes.Just like this boy.He had to be around 6 now."I'm so hungry!I haven't eaten in three days,and my mommy and daddy are gone!"The boy says,wiping his tears away."Gone?"I ask.The boy sees my questioning look,and starts crying even more.Oracle killed his parents,is what he meant.I try my best not to flip out right there,from the sudden fury that raged through me.I take the boy into a hug."Follow me,and i'll get you some more food."I said,getting to my feet.The boy wipes his tears away one more time,and follows me.I go to a nearby shop,and buy whatever $100 will get me for food.I give it to the boy,as well as the jacket I was wearing.He put it on gratefully,and when he smiled at me,I think that that was the first time he's smiled in a long time.'I'll be back for you.'I think to myself.
  6. I say goodbye to the boy,whose name,he tells me,is Nick.Tears nearly spring to my eyes.Nick,and Rick.The almost identical kids.I walk back to the group."You okay?"Kail says,in a voice that's so soft,no one else hears it.He pats my back."I'm fine."I say,out loud for everyone to hear."Good,because here is your cue.Go up to those guards,and take one of their weapons,and run.Not to fast though,they need to be able to catch you."Jasper says.I nod.I walk over to one of the guards.I imagine him being mean to little Nick,and that fuels me up enough so that I won't feel bad about taking his spear.I look him in the eyes.I grap his spear and make a run for it.I jog for a little while,trying to make it seem real.From behind,a man jumps and tackles me to the ground.If I wanted to,I could easily fling this guy in the air,like a kid throwing a frisbee.But,I resist,and let him,and another guard,carry me away.*Elijah P.O.V*Now it's my turn.Jasper hands me a bag."The uniforms in there,you should go change,and get started searching."I quickly agree,and go behind a bush to get changed.I walk over to a bunch of guards.A girl guard instantly comes over to me.She seems to be about 17.Brown eyes,and blonde hair,fake eyelashes,way to much make up.She wBut not even close to _____.My heart rate quickens a little bit just thinking of her."Hey there.You new?"She says with a flirty tone.'Oh great.This is gonna be a long night.'"Yeah.It's my first day."I answer back."Well,I wouldn't mind showing you around the grounds.Whaddya say?A little tour?"She asks,the same flirty tone.I was about to tell her that I was seeing someone,just to get her away from me,but her offer intrigued me.A tour around the castle?They're making my job easier."Sure."I answer back."Well let's go cutie!Hey,what's your name anyway?"I think for a moment."It's Alan.""Cool name,mine's Alexis."She begins the tour.*Jacob P.O.V*Jasper led us to a far corner of the castle."It's right over here."He says,feeling the walls,looking for the one loose brick."Ahah!"He says triumphantly,budging the brick loose.My eyes widened.It was a small hole that we had to go through.Jasper went first.It seemed easy enough,so I went next.I almost didn't fit through the hole.On the other side,while Kail and Jessie were going through,I noticed the scenery of the room.There was storage bags and boxes everywhere.I wonder how Jasper feels seeing his old room like this.Well,i'll never know.After Jessie and Kail go through the hole,Jasper puts the brick back."This way,no one will be suspicious."He said.He climbed on top of a couple of storage boxes,and moved two out of the way,revealing yet another small hole.But this one was a tunnel.Jasper climbs in first.Then Kail,then me,and then Jessie."Gosh.I feel like Link from Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker whenever he goes through any of those small tunnels."I say.Just thinking that like a ton of stone is above me,and below me,and any moment something could go wrong make me sick.
  7. *Back to your P.O.V*"Sean?"I asked surprised.But,I knew that somewhere in my mind,I knew it was gonna be him."Yes.It's me.Go ahead and make fun of me for ending up in here to."He says bitterly.Now that I know who it is,it seems like I can see him better.I see that he has a small cut on his cheek that bleeding freely."I wasn't going to say anything,besides,are you okay?"He looked surprised at this."Ummm,yeah.i'm fine.Just confused,as to why my father would throw me in a dungeon.""I can actually answer that.I didn't tell you before,because I didn't know how I could.Your father said yesterday,that he was going to make an example with us in front of all the villagers to show them never to try and steal his crown.He's going to kill us both soon."I said.I looked over to a sullen looking Sean."You're joking right?"He said."Take a look around.Does it look like i'm joking?"I say a little frustrated."Oh my gosh."He says."It's okay.Just sleep it off tonight.Besides,you'll think better if you're well rested."I say to him,scooting back to my corner."Yeah....I'll do that."He says,still in a daze.He lies down,and closes his eyes.After about twenty minutes,he is fast asleep.While he's sleeping,I notice that he has a troubled look on his face.Like he's having a nightmare.After a couple minutes,I fall asleep to.*Dream Mode*My hands are tied.My feet are tied.My mouth is gagged.I feel a thousand faces watching me.Three men walk in front of me.To my right,I notice that the same thing is happening to Sean.He seems a little panicked.The three men in front of me are the King,Artemis,and a man wearing a black mask,and a black cloak.He is holding a big blade on a stick.An executioners blade.My eyes dart over to Sean.He gaze meets mine,and he holds it.I see pure fear in his eyes for a moment,but then he masks it with something else,something that was comforting me a little bit.He wasn't all that mean if he was trying to comfort me.I wondered if he could see fear in mine too.I break the gaze first.I peer over the crowd.The first face I notice is Jessie's.She looks like she's been crying.Beside her was Sarah,who looked unchanged from what she looked like in the dungeon.And beside her was a guard watching their every move,with a spear in his hand,ready to use if needed.I tear my eyes away from them,not able to see one of my best girl-friends crying,when my eyes land on the guys.Jon,Jacob,Elijah,Kail,and Jasper are all struggling through the crowd towards me.For a second,hope returns to me,thinking that they might make it in time to me.But I thought wrong.I hear a big shift in front of me,and I look up to see that the Executioner is right beside me,holding the blade three feet above me.He holds it there,while the King says nine words."Let this be a lesson to all of you."The blade comes down,and just as it should hit me,I wake up,eyes wide,heart banging against my rib cage,panting hard.The second I wake up,the dungeon door opens yet again.The two big burly men are back.They storm in.One guy grabs me,and the other grabs the just woken up Sean.They drag us back to the torture room,despite our bites,kicks,and struggles to gain our own mobility.We enter the room,and they plop us on the ground.My eyes meet Sean's in the whole ordeal.He was just as confused as I am.The King enters again.
  8. "Good morning prisoners!"He exclaims."Morning?"Sean says.I look closer at him,and can still see a thin layer of drowsiness in his eyes."Yes,morning.To be exact,it's now 5:33AM.And,we're going to begin torture again.Just to warn both of you,tomorrow is the day you will be used as an example.You're last day,of course."The King says,chuckling to himself as if he just told a joke that only he understands."My dear son.I'm sorry that you,a prince,will be killed,but you were after my crown.And,to be honest,you were never grateful for anything I gave you.You always wanted more.You couldn't help only being a prince.The only good thing that you've done for me,was bringing that _____(choice word here) here to die,so that even your brother,couldn't inherit the crown.Anyway,i'm going to leave Artemis in charge of torturing you all today."He says on his way to the door.Artemis steps out of the shadows.He comes up to Sean first."I'm going to enjoy this.You little brat!This is going to make up for all those time's you got me in trouble for things you did!"He says licking his lips,and taking out that brand that he scarred me with.I look over at Sean.He looks back at me,and gives me an'it's gonna be alright' look.I have to admit,it's pretty nice of him to try and comfort me,while he's being tortured.I try to give him the same look as the brand makes contact with his skin.*Jon P.O.V**5:33 AM.*The guards to me to an empty dungeon room.There was blood stained on the walls and floors,and i'm pretty sure I saw some bones in the corner.And they weren't rat bones,I can tell you that.I couldn't get two thoughts out of my mind,no matter how hard I tried.One,was that little boy,Nick.All I knew,was that I was gonna help him somehow.And that I was gonna get back at the king for killing his parents.The second thought,was about _____.How much I missed her.How scared I was for her.Is she really in a dungeon just like this?When I see her again,i'm gonna take her in a long hug,and whisper into her ear,"It's okay.I've got you,you're safe now."The only thing standing in my way,was this dungeon room."Darnit!"I yell to the blank walls.I stand up,carefully so I wouldn't fall on my face,thanks to my tied hands,and kicked the door.The door opened,and I stumbled back."You're going to a new dungeon room.Step back,and we will come retrieve you.'Finally.'I think to myself.*5:36 AM.*We're passing by a room,whose door is stained with blood.I hear two shrieks coming from inside.One's a man,and the other's a womens voice.I ignored how painful it sounded,and concluded that that was a torture room.They take me to the room at the end of the hall where the torture room is located.I'm thrown inside like a little toy.The early sun is starting to peek through a tiny 6 by 7 inch barred window.I move my way to sit down quickly in a corner,when a familiar voice calls out my name."Jon?"My mothers voice calls.I freeze.Slowly,I turn my head,to where my mother is hung on chains to the wall.
  9. "You coming handsome?"Alexis says,slowing down for me to catch up.I ignore what she called me,and walk by her.'Remember,this is for _____.'I think.Alexis links her arm with mine.I unhook my arm,and she stares back at me with wide eyes."Sorry,we just met like an hour ago.It's a little fast for me."I say,trying to sound the least bit annoyed then what I really am."Oh,"She says,sounding a little dissapointed."It's fine.I understand.Maybe we should get to know each other a little better?How does that sound Alan?"She says,and gives me a quick wink."On with the tour!"I say quickly,trying to put any thoughts out of her head.She seems to not get that small clue through her head very well,but does continue on with the tour.'Dear Lord.'I think.*Kail P.O.V**5:35AM*It seems like we've been crawling through these tunnels for hours,checking every room we cross by.I really don't know how Link could do this all day.My backs starting to hurt.This'll all be worth it soon though.The only thing I ask for,is to hear her light,unigue little laugh that brings goosebumps to my skin.While I was thinking,apparently Jasper stopped,so my head hit his shoe."Ouch."I say."Shhh!"He shushes me."Listen."He whispers."So your highness,"A new voice says."What time do you want to bring the villagers together tomorrow for your speech?"I listen closely.Pressing my ear against on of the many pebble sized hole's,I hear what is said next."I don't know.Maybe about 4:30PM?The whole thing will only take about fourty-five minutes.I'm gonna give a speech,the executioner will come in,kill the boy and girl as an example,and everyone is excused."Not even realizing what I was doing,Jacob puts his hand on my leg to stop me."Stop it Kail!"I had started clawing at the stone beneath me.I was ready to kill the King right now.Ahead of me,Jasper looks back,his face pale."They're gonna kill her?"He says a little faintly.His black eyes were wide."That's what they said,but who's the he?"Jessie asks.Her question was answered by a girl,and boy,screaming in pain.This could be heard from nine floors above,where we were.My heart sunk.That's _____'s voice."It's _____.And Sean."Jasper says.
  10. Which guy do you like?(Tell me which guy you like in the comments.Don't forget to rate!)and p.s,what should I do with Sean?

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