How Stereotypically Black Are You?

Whether you are black or not. This quiz will help you determine how stereotypically black you are. The questions are subjective. Choose wisely and hopefully you will be happy with the results-or at least get a laugh.

Have you ever wondered how black you are? Or how black you could be? Use this quiz to figure out how stereotypically black you are. I hope your answer will be what you are looking for, or help you make improvements.(This test was not made by professionals please do not use it to diagnose any non-blackness.)

Created by: That VA chick
  1. Do you know who Cornbread is?
  2. Who is your favorite DJ?
  3. In this episode Gina had to work at Shenene's beauty salon. What is the name of the person you had to put work in on their feet?
  4. You are with a group of friends. Your car breaks down in front of outside a spooky dilapidated house. What do you do?
  5. Have you greased your own or someone else's scalp?
  6. You have your choice of RED, BLUE, or GREEN. What is your choice?
  7. What is the 3rd seasoning on the black table?
  8. Have you ever stood in line to get Jordans?
  9. You tell a friend you are going to pick up some Remi. What are you getting?
  10. Who is Nino Brown?
  11. If you say Candy Man three times, what will happen?
  12. Someone is having a HOMECOMING party, what is it for?
  13. You are going to a pool party. What will you be doing?

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Quiz topic: How Stereotypically Black am I?