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Ludwig: How could you? Me: How could I what? *innocent face* Ludwig: How could you make a quiz about me then include me in it! I don't vant to be included in your shananagins!

Me: *Giggle* I dunno, i get bored and you're the cure to my boredom >:D Surprisingly lol Ludwig: -.- I still did not vant to be included, baka. Me: TOUGH LUCK, MISSER GERMANY.

Created by: tomboykaitie

  1. This is what happens when I get bored and I want to include Ludwig in my boredness.
  2. Ludwig did not approve.
  3. *Pokes*
  4. Omg yaoi.
  5. Do you replace all of your 'w's with 'v's?
  6. jgidbfsbfubjsbvjhb
  7. Now let's let Germany speak for once xD
  8. Ja, hallo.
  9. Kaitie, vhat the hell is vrong vith you! Vhy vould you create a quiz like this! Are you THAT bored? T_T
  10. *Nibbles a wurst and reads the newspaper*
  11. *Kaitie takes control again*
  12. Er, I don't know what to say anymore xP
  13. Germany: Vay to ruin the quiz, Kaitie. Boring little baka.
  14. *Steals Ludwig's jacket* Mwhahaha.
  15. Germany: *POPS A CAP IN HER ASS*

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