would you make a good monster slayer?

there are many quiz's which are known to be a little cocky and stupid but this quiz couldn't approve to be one at all this quiz shows your actual cockyness and shows how much fun you can be around your mind.

do you want to prove yourself to be none cocky then this isn't the quiz for you this quiz is for people who like to explore there mine and use there imagination alot.

Created by: theboso

  1. first day of work you encounter a person in need of help a large porobusnert is breaking down there house whats your reaction.
  2. a huge drogat has clogged up a pipe in the sewers what do you do to get rid of it?
  3. a drestrucot has murdered a old man how do you get revenge on it for the man wife?
  4. a flock of sheep has wondered into the forest you go searching and find them by a lake drinking but the lakes owned by a great lagitarius what do you do?
  5. more drogats have come and have caused havoc in the sewers what do you do?
  6. a giant crockulus has burnt down a farm how do you get rid of it?
  7. you hear your friends retiring (he has the same job as u) but his daughter gets taken by a cretickut how do you get her back?
  8. his daughter finally returns home but her favorite necklace was broken in two the second parts still in the cave and its fixable you decide to go fetch it but the caves been overtaken by giant tremor bats how do you get the necklace back
  9. a flesk scorpion has killed 30 orphans this enrages u so how do you get the creature back?
  10. a meltorike has invaded a farmers pig farm how do u get rid of it??
  11. do you think if you was facing a dragon and all you had was a axe do you think you would win?

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