An Adventure part 9.

I'm sooooo sorry for not making this part sooner! I was in Wisconsin, and then I was in Minnesota, and neither of the places had a computer I could get on to make this quiz. so, I'm sorry.

Where we last left of, you were hugging Maddox while out scouting. :P I can't say I approve of that, but whatever. please comment and rate at the end. thanks.

Created by: Alegna
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  1. He hugs you, blah blah blah, ok, (sorry, it's been a long time.) he hugs you, and suddenly arrows shoot out of the trees. Maddox curses.
  2. you duck, and so does Maddox. you start running, and Maddox is right behind you. But before you get very far, you feel a sharp pain in your shoulder.
  3. You see the wagon coming up. Wizlem sees you running and quickly waves his arms around. you wonder what he is doing. Suddenly you hear a yelp. you look back. Maddox had just gotten whacked into a, a what? it looks kinda like a dome, with the edges all around the wagon and you people.
  4. anyway, as you run up to the wagon, you start to feel very faint. Tilar jumps down, and runs to you. he says "don't look at your shoulder. look at me. whatever you do, DON'T LOOK AT YOUR SHOULDER."
  5. before he can stop you, you of course look at your shoulder. ooo, that wasn't smart. It is covered with blood, with a wicked looking black arrow sticking out of it. you black out. before you do, who are you looking at?
  6. you wake up to be in the back of the wagon, with Maddox sitting next to you. He says "shhh. I've considered, and I don't think you are my sister. you just don't act like her." and then he sighs. "I should say, act like she did." and then you see that he is crying.
  7. he looks at you and says "thats ok. she dissapeared several years ago. she would be a little bit older than me right now, so it's technichally impossible for you to be her." then he lays down and turns his back to you.
  8. the next morning Wizlem starts to teach you magic while the others set up the camp. It's easy for you to memorize the spells, but some of the hand motions are tough. by the end of the morning you can do a simple healing spell, summon butterflies (why the heck would you need to though)and float about two inches off the ground.
  9. after that you and Wizlem go over and have breakfast with the rest of the group. Somehow you end up sitting between Tilar and Maddox. During the whole of breakfast they kept shooting each other evil looking looks. finally you say...
  10. well, whatever you said, it worked. they stop glaring at each other, and start eating. :D (yay you!)after that you get in the wagon while Aiden and Maddox go and scout. you sit in the front with Tilar. Wizlem is in the back of the wagon getting some sleep. while you are sitting there with Tilar, you sigh, cause it's so pretty out, you are so far away from your home, and all the guys (except maybe Aiden) like you, and you are just so confused. Tilar looks over, looks at your face, and then takes your hand and goes back to driving.
  11. slowly, he leans over and gives you a small peck on the cheek. then he turns bright bright red, and goes back to driving. he however, does not drop your hand.
  12. end of the quiz. did you enjoy it?

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