Loved and Undead Part 2

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PART 2 PART 2 PART 2 !!! Yay! Okay, if you haven't taken the first one, this might be confusing for you. You know, since you're dead. 3D *spoiler for those who haven't taken first quiz*

Yeaaaaahhhhhhh, why a paragraph two? It's useless. Blllllleeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hmmm, XD........$.$.............................................

Created by: mydrearysoul

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  1. We left of...Adrian starts banging his head on the steering wheel of the ship. "Why, why, why, why, why?" He mutters to himself. You walk over to him and put your hand on his shoulder. Ever heard of giving someone the cold shoulder? Well, he gave you a warm shoulder. Adrian looks up, fire in his eyes, literally, you can see little flames. "I'm sorry." You say. Adrian just sighs heavily. The mermaid pops up again, holding a weird looking flower with blue and green spots. The flower has four petals on it, like an over-grown clover. Jason takes the flower and the girl dives back into the sea. "We each eat one petal." He announces. You don't want to eat it, but you do, it tastes awfull, like old seaweed. Zion hops overboard with a SPLASH! You look over the edge and see him sticking his head under water, he looks back up. "It works!" He yells up. "What if it didn't? You would've drowned!" You say. Zion just shrugs and dives under. After forcing Adrian overboard, you all dive down to the bottom. You shouldn't have been able to see, but you assume the flower does that too. Twenty minutes later, you reach a small cave with the words:I_ eísodos sto neró paláti, inscribed on the top. "It says this is the entrance." Zion says and swims through. You all follow into the dark cave. Soon, you see light and exit the cave. You see a large palace made of stone and seashells, mermaids and mermen swim around. A garden is to the right, with types of flowers you've never seen before. Someone taps on your shoulder and you swing around. You see a boy with blue hair and beautiful green eyes. He has a glimmering blue fish tail and teeth so white, they should come with a warning label. He grins flirtingly. "Are you-" You begin but he pecks you on the lips, sending a chill down your body. "Hey!" You say. He grabs your shoulders and kisses you on the lips again. You try to push him off, but your arms and legs feel like Jello.
  2. You hear Zion say. "HEY!" and push the guy off of you. You stumble backwards, but kind of like in slow-motion because you're under water. The merman gives you a flirty wink and swims away. Zion helps you up, since you're underwater, he picks you up like nothing and you fall onto his chest. You stay there for a moment in shock, looking into each others eyes. Zion smiles, but Adrian coughs. His subtle way of saying "GET A ROOM". "Jerk, who does he think he is?" You mumble. "I hope you're talking about the fish boy." Zion says with a nervous smile. You laugh, and he takes it as a yes. You swim over to the garden where you see a boy. He has red hair with black colored bangs and crystal blue eyes. He has no fish tail, just smiple blue swim trunks. He notices you and smiles, then he sees the other boys and his smile fades. He swims over to you. "Are you the ones Melody stole my flower for?" He asks with a beautiful Californian accent. "Sorry, we needed to see you." You say, blushing a little. "The name's Sam, son of the Sea." He says, then looks at Adrian and laughs. "Looks like Melody took a liking to you!" Aam laughs. Adrian face turns red with anger and he somehow summons fire underwater. Sam stops laughing and backs away a little. He frowns. "Son of Fire, entering my home isn't very smart." "Please, these guys need you." You plead. "Why?" Sam asks. Jason tells Sam of the plan to bring back your soul, Zion jumped in a couple of times but Adrian stayed silent.
  3. "I see, can you please explain what the man who killed you looks like." Sam asks you. You describe as much as you can. Sam's face flushes. " guys, didn't tell her WHY?" Sam asks. Adrian, Zion and Jason become suddenly interested in the garden. You turn to Sam for info, he looks away and picks at a flower. "Helloooo? Tell me what?" You ask impatiently. Adrian looks up with his famous sad eyes. "Anyone gonna tell me?" You ask. Sam laughs. "We should talk about this tomorrow, until then, how about you all stay in my house tonight?" You all aggree, even Adrian, and enter Sam's home. It looks pretty much like every peice of furniture is made out of giant clam shells and all of the food is, well, fish or octopus, which is somehow cooked. Thank god. Sam finds you a room that has a black clam shell and some green bed sheets that look suspiciously like a quilt made out of seaweed.
  4. You wake up to the sound of your door creaking open. "Who's there?" You ask. Adrian enters and closes the door quietly behind him. "Adrian?" You ask, still groggy. "Shhh." He whispers tenderly, stroking your hair. It feels so good. His red eyes shine in the dark room. "What are you doing in here?" you ask sleepily. Adrian leans forward and kisses you on the lips, slowly and passionately. When Adrian leans back, he says. "I'm sorry we got you into this." "The man said spirits wanted to meet me, is that you all?" "Yes, we were drawn to your mysterious prescence. All those times you cried about how you wished vampires and ghosts were real. I-I couldn't help it. I thought I was the only one, but I should've known better. I met Zion and Jason and we argued about you. We had made the decision that we would pose as humans and allow you to choose. When we arrived the first day, we found you dead in the hallway." He says and puts his hand on your cheek. "We want to right this wrong. The man is a...helper in sorting out ghosts. He believes it's wrong." "Is it?" ".....Yes." He says shamefully and looks you in the eyes. "You're always radiating with beauty, you practically mesmerized me." He smiles. You chuckle. "Ironic, those eyes of yours are hard to resist. I thought you were a vampire at first." Adrian chuckles. He leaves the room with a smile on his face. You go back to sleep and dream about...
  5. You wake up with Sam standing over you, smiling wickedly. "Morning, beatiful." He says then pecks you on the lips. "What is with you people? Kissing me before we've even met won't turn me on!" You yell. Sam just shrugs and laughs. "Alright, I'm sorry, guess I've been around mermaids too long." He begins to leave, but you stop him. "Where you one of the boys who liked me too?" You ask. Sam's face reddens, which looks kind of funny since he has red hair. "Well, truthfully, yeah. But I didn't know THREE other guys had the same idea." He chuckles. "This is incredible, all my life, I've never gotten a second glace from a guy. Now four are falling for me." You giggle and Sam blushes. He leans over and kisses you on the cheek, winks, and leaves.
  6. You sigh and flop back on your clam bed. You almost drift off to sleep when you hear giggling, a GIRL giggling. You rush out of the room and run into Zion's. The mermaid from before, Melody, had wrapped him up in seaweed and is playing with his hair. Zion is asleep, but you assume the mermaid did something to make him sleep. "What the hell are you doing?" You demand. Melody notices you and swims out the window. You unwrap Zion and place him on the floor. Zion groans irritably. "Zion..." You nudge him to wake up. Zion moans. You slap him hard and he sits up and bangs your head. "OW!" You yell. "S-Sorry, what happened?" He asks. "That dumb mermaid chick came in here." You say still rubbing your head. "Seriously? WHAT IS WITH HER?" Zion asks himself. "Well, I can see why she does that." You mumble quietly to yourself. Apparently, not quiet enough, because Zion looks up blushing and kisses you on the lips. A chill goes down your spine. "Um, sorry." He says. "It's okay." You say smiling. Just then, Jason walks in the room. "Yo Zion, have you seen-" Then he spots you and Zion on the floor. "Am I interrupting something?" Jason asks jealously. You explain to Jason about Melody, leaving out the kiss. Jason seems to buy it, he leads you downstairs where Adrian and Sam are already sitting on the couch. Both of them are crossing their arms and looking away from each other. "Seriously, why can't you two get along. Zion and Jason are opposite elements and THEY don't hate each other." You point out. Adrian says nothing, but looks up at you and faintly smiles, remebering you of last night when he came.
  7. Sam clears his throat. "Anyways, if we're going to bring Jez's soul back, we need to go to, of course, the Underworld." "THE UNDERWORLD?" You repeat. "Yep. Lovely place, lots of fire I imagine." Adrian mocks. "You mean we're going to HELL?" You ask. "Well, it all depends on what you believe, all underworlds are connected and all ruled by Satan. Say you believed in Greek mythology, you would go to the Greeak Underworld with Satan posing as Hades. If you were Christian and were saved, you'd go to heaven. If not, hell. If you believed in Egyptian mythology-" He continues, but you interrupt. "I would go to the Daut." "So what do you believe?" Jason asks. "I never really thought about it. I am a Christian, believe it or not, but I always wanted to believe in mythology. I'm kind of in-between. I believe in God and stuff, but now that I know there's an actual Underworld I believe in that too." "This is very complicated, we can't visit ALL of the underworlds and heaven. We need to figure out a way." Zion says. "We'll figure it out on the way, I've got a beach house in Malibu, we can discuss it there." Sam says. You all get ready to leave when five mermaids, Melody, three other girls, and the boy who kissed you earlier are blocking your path. "I'm afraid you won't be leaving." Melody announces.
  8. Cliffhanger!!! XD
  9. Fav element/boy?
  10. If you could have one power, what would it be?

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