Love with a story: pt 1 (girls)

Hi everyone! I´m new but I hope you like it anyways. In this quiz you will get to meet four cute boys who have a big secret. (HINT, HINT... It has something to deal with magic.) You get to go on a magical adventure and you out of anyone else discovers a world even the guys don´t know.

Also if you tell your friends and family, I will make more quizzes. Making these makes me happy. Don´t forget to also comment and rate this quiz. I will need your help in the future.

Created by: Teeton
  1. You are getting ready for your first day at Wowser High School. You are 17 and you are kinda nerves. You breath. I am Ezra Blakely Nizhoni- You think to com yourself down. ¨Ezra!! Come on! Our bus is here.¨-your brother Marcus yells.
  2. You get your stuff and go downstairs. You want to get something to eat but you hear Marcus already getting on the bus. When your outside you see the bus already leaving. ¨Wait!¨-you yell running now. But it just goes on. You sigh. Luckily you know a shortcut to the school so you go. When you get there you hear the bell ring for first period.
  3. You go and run to your new assigned locker. But then you crash into someone! ¨I´m so sorry! Are you OK?¨-you say, feeling dumb for not not watching where you were going. ¨No, its OK. I wasn´t looking. Oh! You must be the new kid Ezra.¨-he says blushing. ¨ How did you know?¨-you say startled. ¨Uhhh....Were in the same class... and now we're really late. We should hurry. Also my name is Nathan. Nathan Mebane to be exact.¨-he says making you laugh.
  4. You look at your chart. First is ELA. ¨ Come on. Let´s go to ELA.¨-You say. 1 minute later... When you get there the teacher gives you a chance but says if it happens again you would have lunch detention. Nathan goes to his seat while you talk to the teacher. You ask-¨ Where should I sit?¨ ¨Sit next to Adam please he´s over there in the corner.¨-Mrs. Willson points. You go over there and sit down. ¨Knock, knock.¨-he says. You respond-¨ Who´s there?¨ He smiles. ¨ Class clown likes.¨ ¨ Class clown likes who?¨-you ask confused. He says blushing-¨Class clown likes YOU.¨ You blush, but then get back to work.
  5. At the end of class Adam asks-¨ Whats your name? Is it Ezra?¨ You say startled again-¨ Ya, how´d you know?¨ He responds worriedly-¨ Uh... Friends told me. I got to go. Bye!¨ Before you can respond he goes to his class.
  6. You go to Social Studies and see your BFFL (Best Friends For Life) Alexy, in your class. You sit down next to her and say ¨Hi, A!¨. ¨Hi! Its nice to see you again.¨-Alexy says. Before you can say anything else your teacher Mr.Mark gave both of you a glare. ¨Will I have to give you girls detention Miss. Ackee and Miss. Nizhoni.¨-Mr. Mark says with a warning tone. You both shake your heads and get back to work.
  7. You go to math next. The teacher, Miss. Mia, tells you to sit in between Karter and Shane. Shane has blond hair with blue/silver eyes and is very muscular. Karter is emo, shy, has black hair, and brown eyes. ¨Hey you must be Ezra. I´m Shane.¨-Shane says. You respond-¨ Nice to meet you.¨ You look over at Karter. ¨And I´m Karter.¨-he mutters. ¨ Which lunch period do you guys have?¨-you ask both of them. ¨We both have 3rd. And you, pretty?¨-Shane says. You blush and say-¨ Same.¨ The lunch bell rings for 3rd period, and you all go.
  8. You go to lunch and try to find a table. You then see ALL 4 boys and your BFFL trying to get you to the same table. You go to their table. ¨How do you guys know Ezra?¨-Adam says. ¨ They all met me today.¨-you responded. ¨Creepy...¨-Karter whispers. The guys all give each other a glare. Weird-you think. Karter then looks at you and then stops glaring at the other boys. You guys then spend the rest of the lunch talking and laughing. You get to your other classes and soon enough it's the end of the school day. You take the bus with your brother Marcus and go home. Who do you like so far?
  9. When you get home your mom is already cooking some lazania. You and your family play Dutch Blits while eating and your dad wins making you second. Then you go for a walk sense your pregnant mom needs to and plus its nice. in the middle of your guys is walk, you thought you saw something in the shadows...
  10. Out of the shadows comes a lion with wings as dark as night who attacks you! But before it touches you 4 boys come out and kill it. It´s Shane, Nathan, Adam, and Karter! ¨You need to come with us. Your in danger.¨-they say. You have a feeling its the right thing to do so you say goodbye and go with the boys. You all go in a car and leave. While you guys are driving they tell you that they have powers and what their powers are...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry this took a while. Just letting you know these take me up to a week to make so you don´t have to wait long for part 2, 3, 4, 5 and MAYBE more. Now...Who do you like so far?

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