love story, which one will you fall for?

This is a really cool quiz to take. Its like the others like which will fall for you and others. This is the first one and I will be working on the second.

But will you fall for someone who is like your type or the one you hate. At the end you will see their description and see who you fell for... good luck... Since I have to type 150 words and I don't even have time to do that.

Created by: wincel
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  1. You are getting ready for the beach. Your friends are waiting for you. Before you get out of your house, you suddenly feel a chill. And you turned around and you see...?
  2. You see your little dog and you pick him up. Then out of nowhere, she bites you. Then you faint. A few hours later, you wake up...
  3. "Why did my own dog bite me?" you asked yourself. "She wasn't your dog, that was me" one of them replied. Your reaction is...
  4. "Who are you?" you asked. "My name is Justin." he replied. "This is Dustin, my twin brother. The driver is Edgar, and the other dude is my best friend, Adam."
  5. "What do you want with me?" you ask. "We need you to help us. You are the only one left," Edgar replied.
  6. "The only one of our kind. You are the only girl left and us, well, we're alone on this one too." "Why do I have to be alone on this?" you asked. *On the other hand I am being taken by 4 hot guys so minus well...*
  7. All of a sudden you fall asleep. Then you wake up and you see a stitch on your left leg and it doesn't hurt at all. Later it fades away...
  8. "Did I do that?" "No, I did." Edgar replied. "I have the power to teleport and the power to heal. I am still trying to figur out what is your power."
  9. "Why was there a scar on my left leg?" "Because, we needed your blood for testing." Dustin said. "Yeah, so we can find out what powers you have." Adam said.
  10. "I think I am dreaming but at the same time, maybe I am in a nightmare." You start to walk little by little backwards. Soon you see Justin holding you. What do you say?
  11. Well that's all for now... wait for part two of love story!!!

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Quiz topic: Love story, which one will I fall for?