Love Story-- Part 3

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READ: Helloo, thanks for taking my quiz((es))!!! I want to just say.. from the first comment ((not mine)) from Love Story-- Part 2, I gotta say, your fun xD And you all we're great first comments:) And I did/finesh 2 quizes in one day! WOW!

At the end of this one, you'll meet someone you really dont like. You spend more m=time with Andy this quiz and next quiz'll be with Michael. Soo I just wanted to say how greatful I am for you to take and fall in love with meh quizes. ThanksMuch.:)

Created by: RemysFault

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  1. After Adam, you go looking for Andy. As usual, you find him in his room, listening to his iPod. "Hey Andy" you say. He touches something on the iPod ((you can guess what)) and replies. "Hey." "Whatcha listening to?" You ask him. "Rolling in the Deep by Adele." ((Im listening to the song right now, so I was like wth, xD)) "I love her. And her songs." You tell him. "And you have the CD..?" You smile and shake you head. "No I dont.. wait. Im confused.. do I?" He nods. Um. He takes out a box and hands it to you. What do you think is in this box here? xD
  2. Assuming you're smart, you open he box to find the Adele CD. You gasp and attack Andy and kiss/hug him. Coincidentally, he was on his bed soo now you were laying on top of him. While you kiss, Michael brusts into the room and sheild his eyes. "God ((Your Name))! Does it seem like I always come in on you ONLY when you're making out with someone?? If that were me, we would LOCK the damn door." When he turns and leaves, you take a deep breathe and kiss him again. When you finally pull away, he strokes your hair and says. "You love Adam, dont you?" And you say. "I..I dont know Andy." He kisses your forehead and you get up off of him. When you leave, he picks up his iPod and puts his earbuds back in. You think:
  3. You leave Andy where he is and goes back to you're room. Adam is sleeping on your couch. You playfully jump on him and poke his face for him to wake up. "Whaaa??" He said sleeply. "Adam!! There's something wrong!!" Now he was awake, he quickly sat up, which unluckly you were on his chest, so you fell off of him and onto the floor. "Oh, sorry." He said, helping me up. "Whats wrong??" He asked me. "You were asleep." You told him. "Yea, now tell me whats wrong." He said. "Its quite an emergancy!" You say. "THEN WHAT IS IT??" He yelled, almost screeched. "Well, I was walking down the hallway whan I looked down at my clothes. I thought to myself. 'EMERGANCY! EMERGANCY! I NEED NEW CLOTHES!!'" You told him and he laughed. "God, for a minute there I thought there was really something wrong. Dont do that to me!" You laugh and poked his face. "I wanna get shome new clothes!!" You yell while you pull on his arm. "Oh alright." He got and and kissed you're forehead. "We'll get you some new clothes tomorrow." He yold me. Then you push him out the door and close it. "Im not going to come out UNTIL I leave for more clothes!!" You yelled through the door. "Agh, fine ((Your Name))."
  4. The next day, Adam takes you shopping. You go into what stores?
  5. When you walk through the mall, you see everyone staring at you ((like this: O.O)) So, Adam kisses your forehead, puts his arm around your waist and smirks. There is a boy who whistles ((like guys do when they think a girl is 'SMOKIN')) and for fun, Adam flicks him off and smirks. You:
  6. That night, you had a nightmare. Knoctivia was hurting you and chasing you. Like a little boy. Knoctivia was just a dark shadow, but somehow you knew it was him. To this, you wake up sweating and realize Adam isnt breathing beside you ((I mean, he isn't there)). So, you go to the closest boys room, Andy. You knock on the door lightly, and go in. He's half on- half off the bed. You poke the small of his back and he jumps. I mean literally, jumps. "WTF?!?!?" He says. "Sorry Andy, I--I just um, had a nightmare." You tell him. "Oh, are you okay?" You nod but the realize he cant see you so you say yes. "Well, do you wanna.. sleep in here? I can sleep on the floor..." He says. "Yes, can I sleep in here? And no no. Dont sleep on the floor." You say. You get in the bed and say: "Thanks, Andy." He kisses your forehead. "Your welcome, babe." Did he just call me babe? You think.
  7. You had that nightmare again. You wake up screaming. He had a chainsaw and one of those Creepy Hockey Masks. The rest of him was still a shadow, but you knew sooner or later that'll be filled in. "((YOUR NAME))! Are.. are you okay??" You start crying and snuggle up against Andy. "No, Im not." You tell him. "Im sorry. Its okay. You're okay." He tells you in one of those lullaby voices. You cry into his shirt and you hear muttering outside the door. Andy slowly turns and gets up, walking towards the door.. very.......sllloowwwlllyyyy... He turns the knob.. veryyy slloowwllyy. It bursts open and Andy is flown back. Who do you think it is?
  8. A black shadow comes through the door, you here someone from behind it yell "NO!" and and you panic: PANIC. The shadow reaches for you and a boney hand ecsapes the wicked black shadow. Then there was the voice. The one you heard in your nightmare. 'COME TO ME. COME TO ME.' Now you were just freaking out and hyperventilating. It grabs you by the shoulders and pulls you into the shadow. You scream "ANDY!!!! ADAM!!! BRYAN!!!! MICHAEL!!!! HELP!!" You kick and scream, but your kicks go right through the shadow and your screams turn into squeaks.
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  10. Oh and I forgot at the beginning.. which boy did you get for part 3??
  11. Now, who do you love?
  12. Are you going to take part 4??

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