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READ: Yes, I might've lied on part 1. Sorry, But I'm turning this into a powerful love quiz.:) I really hope you like it. I dont know how many parts Imma have but I know it'll be at least 5 parts. Thanks for taking these quizes, I hope you enjoy them!! ~Remy~

**Please Note: These quizes were Inspired by Scary Love Story and LA Summer Love Story. If you haven't taken them yet, please check them out. ThanksMuch!!**

Created by: RemysFault

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  1. During the next few months, you get closer to the boys. You hang out a lot more with them and when your free time comes around, you fill it up with your favorite boy. First, tell me which boy you got from part 1.
  2. You walk into school when your phone starting buzzing. You got a text from Adam saying: 'hey girl. meet me after skool, k?' But before you reply, something knocks you out from behind. ((Your head...))
  3. ((Yes, yes, almost every love story on GoToQuiz has these kind of.. empowerment shtuff.. just go along with it...)) You suddenly awake and realize your in a deep blue room with sky blue carpet. The door slides open and incomes some random dude known as... Adam. You:
  4. Lets say you choose Option 2... he kisses you and higs you back. Then, Michael walks in and sheild his eyes. "SORRY.. I didn't realize I was walking in a makeout scene. Anyways,dude, we need to train her, not do 'it'.." Me and Adam both blush. I looked into Adam's eyes and see a kind of hunger in them. Like he's hungry.. for meh.. o.o "Um, did I miss something?" I said, letting o of Adam. "You haven't told her?" Michael shouted. "Dude, calm yourself, he attacked me before I could do anything else." Adam said, and this time, I was the only one blushing. Adam had the look of pride on his face. Michael just looks ticked. "Wait.. Just tell me whats going on." I said to both of them. Michael took my hand, glaring at Adam, and pulled me through the halls. The hall was purple. Really deep, deep, deep purple. So purple Its almost black. You know, unless the light hits it. Bryan && Andy come into veiw. Adam sits down and so does Michael. Who do you sit next to??
  5. "OKay ((Your Name Here)), here's what we know: Your mother && father, King && Queen of Cuanolopia ((Cwa-nah-lope-ia)) Joseph and Anne, sent us to protect you. We watched you and watched you for years when you were growing up. We decided okay, we need to meet her. So we agreed to meet you when you become of age. 16. But that didn't work out because you were getting closer to Nick. ((Nick another profecter that comes around in part 5.)) You have these special powers, like I told you earlier, and you need them to fight/battle Knoctivia. ((Nok-tiv-ia)) The great ruler of Planistopia. ((just like it sound.)) So, you'll go with Bryan to get tested for you're power. You can have up to 3 powers. And it depends on how strong you are, so if your are pretty strong, you'll have three powers. If you're completely weak, you'll have a low bar power like telekinesis or something like that. Got it?" Michael fineshed. Got it? Do you? ((xD))
  6. You just answer yes. But you have a ton of questions buzzing in your head, like 'Um.. can I go know?' But you already know the answer to that one. So, instead of questioning your most complicated life, you follow Bryan up the stairs, straight through some halls, and again with up the stairs. When you finally get there, your out of breath because Bryan had you jog up ALL those stairs. He told you there were a few hundred stairs just to get to the lab. Omigosh.. Imma die now. But, he asks you to take a seat while he gets shome shtuff for the testing. He ALSO said the testing takes about ten minutes. When he leaves, you:
  7. ((Lets say you choose option 3..)) Bryan walks back into the room and catches you with his album. He opens his mouth to say something, but you stop him, not wanting to hear any of his alibi's. ((Dont know what alibi means? Google it.)) "Just, let meh take the damn test jackass." OKay, you're slightly ticked. He nods and motions you to sit on a stool. You sit with anger. He trys to say something again, but stops himself. He pricks your finger, on both hands ((the forefingers)) and your blood comes out.. and no no.. its not red.. Its blue and sparkly. "What the hell??" You scream. Bryan's staring at the blood in total shock and you yell "ADAM! MICHAEL.. er ANDY! GET YOU'RE ASSES UP HERE!" They all come running in. Andy is the first one to speak. "Wait.. doesn't one of us have blue, sparkly blood??" Bryan nods and points to himself. "Right.. what does that mean?" I ask. "It means.. It mean you two are brother and sister."
  8. "Oh. Well.. oh." You say. "Well, what power do I have????!!" You countinue. "We're not done yet.. we still have to do the cheek swab, strength test, and running course. Which'll only take about, oh, 7 minuted." Bryan said, my bro the Perv. He was blushing. "Well, first, can you guys tell me which powers you have??" I asked. They all nod. "I have telekinasis, Adam has Gravity Control, Michael has healing, and Bryan has light and pain." Says Andy. I giggle. He has teleekinesis. "Oh shut up, so maybe I didnt pass the test as well.." Andy blushes. "Heheh, oh all right" I laugh. "I wanna get shome testing done.." So you go off...
  9. You're done with testing and you have to sleep. Its apart of the testing. So you start at nine o'clock. P.M. When you wake up, Adam is the only one there. sleeping right next to you. You gently kiss him on the forehead, but he wakes up. "Hiya sleepy head." He says. "You were the one sleeping" You say back. He smiles. "No, I was pretending to sleep. To see what you would do when you woke up, leave or kiss me." You laughed quietly. You layed back down and he attacked you and you laugh again. "I love you." He says to you. You cant really say anything back, but he's good at reading eyes. He kisses you gently and doesn't stop until Bryan walks in. "Got you're te-" He starts then he looks up to see you, still kissing, and turns around and leaves. He's your brother now, so it cant really offend him. You take a deep breath and finally break away from Adam. "I wanna see meh results." You say. "Okay." He says back. You wait for a minute then says: "Well, get off." "Oh right." He laughs and gets off. You run down to Bryan's lab. Adam right behind you. "You came," He says, I blush. "Anyways, I got your results, and you seem to have three powers: Telepathy, Empathy, and Explosion. The screen also says you have two other powers developing. It doesn't say, but we'll know by the end of the day." Ooh, I can read minds, read emotions, make things explode, AND i get two more?!?!? Im powerful, You think.
  10. So, after that, you go back to your room to shower and Adam follows you. When you arrive to your room, Adam comes in with you and shuts the door and sits on your couch. Waiting. You just stand there, staring at him. "Take a picture.. it'll last longer." He says. You raise an eyebrow and say "Adam, I have to take a shower." He nods and shoo's you to the bathroom, and he's still just sitting there. You roll you're eyes and grab an outfit and go into your bathroom. What do you think about Adam sitting out there??
  11. After you're shower, you dry off and put on:
  12. You exit the bothroom to find Adam STILL sitting there! "Gosh, Adam, you're still here??" I said. He nodded and got up, not leaving. "You look good." He says. You smile and blush. You push him down, and he lands on the bed. He grabs you hand and pulls you down. You can read minds, so you try to read his. 'I know you're reading my mind now ((Your Name Here)). I love you, dont you forget that.' You read. You laughed. You're on top of him.. ((This is getting sexy o.o)) "Yes I know." You said to him.
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  14. So far, who do you like the best?? ((No effect))
  15. Are you gonna take part 3?? ((Please leave a comment for a suggestion to put in the quiz and/or for errors I've made and/or if you like the quiz and If you'll take part 3!!!. ThanksMuch!!))

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