Love Story by PandaGirl 5

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Created by: PandaGirl

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  1. The last quiz question was, " When you open the door, you see......... VILKACIS! He is sort of smiling, sort of looking like he's in pain. "OMG! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" you half yell, half ask. He is pretty much whispering. "yes..." Then, suddenly, walks towards you, and kisses you. "I can't be with you anymore." he says sadly, and runs out the door, becoming a wolf in the blink of an eye, and runs towards the forest." Remember?
  2. Okay, so, you are so....
  3. You are still so surprised at everything that has happened, so you sit down, and try to....
  4. You decide to invite your friends over: Stacy, Tori and of course, Hailey. When they get there, you guys order pizza and turn on the movie, Grown Ups.
  5. You hear a knock on the door about half an hour later, and see that it is the pizza guy. When you open the door, you see that he is actually kinda cute. He looks at you and smiles. Then says, "Hey," he hands you the pizza. "You're kinda cute."
  6. Then he winks at you. You go and get the money for the pizza. When you walk past your friends, Hailey says, "Hey, that pizza guy looks like he likes you!" Then Stacy says, "He's kinda cute too!" Then everyone giggles. You say, "Whatever!" you go and get the money, and when you hand it to him, he says, "Call me sometime, kay?" then he gives you his phone number.
  7. You say,
  8. When you come back into the room, your friends are all giggling. "Geez. he has got to get a life!" Tori says. "I think he's cute!" says Stacy. "What do you think Soph?"
  9. Then you hear another knock. "If it's the pizza guy again...." Says Tori. "I'll get it!" says Hailey. She comes back a few seconds later saying, "It's for you Soph." "Who is it?" you ask. "Two hot guys!" You know who she's talking about.........
  10. When you get there, you see, the pizza guy and his twin, haha jk. You see Andre and Charlie. They say, "GUESS WHAT? WE FOUND SOMETHING!" They both said it at exactly the same time. "What is it?" "We'll show you," says Charlie. "Follow us!" says Andre. Charlie takes your hand and pulls you towards the woods, where Vilkacis disappeared. When you all get to the middle, in the big clearing, Andre pullls something out of his jacket....
  11. "This is a..." Samantha2332 this is for you..... " a resurrector."
  12. "It brings back one from the dead. So we can bring back Dustin." You start screaming. And scream again. And again. And again and again and again. You feel so....
  13. "We didn't want to do it without you though," they say at the same time. "are you ready?"
  14. They press a button, and suddenly, everything goes black. You wake up, in your bed. Was that a dream you think?
  15. You look around your room and see Dustin. You just stare at each other for a while. Then he hugs you, and you kiss him.
  16. Then he says, "I'm going to go rest at my place. Visit anytime. Please do though." he smiles, and leaves. "I love you." he says.
  17. You go downstairs and your friends are gone. You look at your cellphone and are going to call them. You have a missed message from Hailey. "Where did you go? We went home. Cya laterz, Hailey." You feel bad, but are glad you went with the boys.
  18. Last question, who do you love?

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