Love!!!! part 7

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Hello and Welcome to the Sventh Installment of Love!!!! I hope you have been enjoying it lately as I have tried getting them out quicker. I tried making this one longer so I hope you enjoy.

Ive noticed that less and less people are taking my quizzes. It makes me very sad :( I am trying really hard to get these out! Please tell your friends about my quizzes, comment, and rate. I really appreciate it! Those of you who have continued to take my quizzes You are all greatly appreciated.

Created by: ILuvHolister

  1. Recap: Luke kissed u,but you slapped him, Jace is jealous and heartbroken, K is getting closer, and Mike is being his regular *shoulder to cry on* self. Last time you vowed to talk to Jace in the morning. What does this part have in store? Read on to find out!
  2. You feel the light streaming into your room you glance at the clock and get up, its five thirty in the morning, oh shizz I have to go to school! You think in your head. You look at the bedside table once again and notice a note that wasnt there before. You pick it up.
  3. You read it this is what it says.... Beware, your end is near. The source of pain dwells inside the person loved the most. A jealous one is to make this loved one roast. Beware the devils wrath it is strong and swift and rash. Tread carefully for there are unseen dangers ahead. Sincerely, A
  4. You read it over again and think, This must be some prank, You really freak out though when the letter burns in your hands, you scream and everything goes black.
  5. You have a dream. You see a figure approaching, the figure comes closer until u can see it fully. You are shocked within your dream! Standing before you is one of the hottest guys youve ever seen. He looks about your age, has black hair and piercing blue eyes. " Hi" You manage to mutter out, " Im---" you begin but he cuts you off. " Sarah, beware, be careful, be safe." You try to reply but he walks off and you wake up to shaking. Its Jace.
  6. "Are u okay? Sarah, I know you didnt mean to hurt me and I just want to let you know that no matter who you want to be with Ill do my best to support you." He said seriously and adorably with his hot british accent. "Jace, Im the one who is sorry. When I saw you so hurt I should have went in after u closed door or not. I just want to let you know that there is nothing between me and Luke." You say. Without thinking straight tou hug him tightly knocking him over so that hes on top of you. "Jace, I---" you start saying but are cut off by him saying " Can I try something? I need to know if you feel the way I feel right now."
  7. You know whats gonna happen next and you dont fight it. He kisses you gently on the lips. You cant say you dont like it but your thoughts are fixed on that mysterious guy from your dreams. Jace doesnt notice this though because he gets up with a huge smile. " Jace, I like you but I also like the others too. I want to give ach of you a fair chance before I decide." You say. " Whatever you desire, Love.Oh and there isnt any school for a while .There was a big earthquake." Jace replies and exits the room
  8. You felt proud of yourself for making up with Jace ,but concerned with the dream and the letter. Who is A and What does he want? You dress up into something better which is a tank top and some skinny jeans from the closet which was filled with stuff in your size that was to your liking. "The Guys" You say to yourself, smile and go downstairs.
  9. When you go downstairs you feel the pleasant atmosphere. Mike is making pancakes, K is putting toast on the toaster, Jace is pouring himself a cup of cereal, but Luke is nowhere to be seen. " Hey guys, morning. Wheres Luke?" You say. " Hes going through some power changes. He is in lots of pain right now." Says Mike. " Where is he?" You ask. K stands up and tells you to follow him, you do and rach a ordinary looking room. " Good Luck Sarah. Dont hesitate to scream for help if you need it." K says. You nod and enter the room. Luke is lying on his bed, probably sleeping.
  10. You walk over to his bed and sit next to him. His face looks pale, but hot as ever. His eyes are closed but the rest of his face is the same. You look at his face and move a strand of hair out of his face. You feel no more hate against him, you dont know why. He opens his eyes and starts thrashing about. You grab his hand and squeeze it, but he calms down only a little. He sits up in his bed so you hug him and whisper" Shh, its ok. Youll be ok." You let go and he looks at you. He hugs you and says " Im so sorry Ive been such a player and a flirt, but all youve ever been was kind and forgiving. Thank You for coming here and helping me through this pain. I suppose its time to tell you my powers." Luke lets go and clears his throat. " I have super speed, super stamina, the ability to control fire and other small powers." He says. " Cool." You say. You stand up to leave,but Luke grabs your hand and says " You know I Love You a lot.Right? And it hurts so much to see you hate me."" Luke, I dont hate you and as I said to the others you all have a fair chance with me." You say. Luke smiles and lets go. You havent seen his smile in a while,but it was really reasurring. You left his room and went to the kitchen. You suddenly had a large pain in your head. It hurt so much you fell to your knees.
  11. You look around and see blurs. Then nothing at all. CLIFFHANGER!! Comment Rate and Share. Who is A and what does he want? Will Luke recover soon? Whats next with the guys? What are Jaces,Mikes, and your powers? Find out in the next installment of Love!!!!
  12. I hope you guys enjoyed your time with Jace, and the runner up.. Luke. Please tell me if you want A to be a option in this story. Who do you Love?

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