Love!!!! part 10

Hello and welcome to the tenth installment of my series Love!!!! In this part you..... well read to find out what happens!!!! Im not going to spoil the suprise.

Id like to thank everyone who takes any of my quizzes,especially my sister mcqueen. Eventhough we arent related she is totally like the sister ive always wanted. Thanks to her ive gotten more people reading my quizzes!!!! Be sure to take her quizzes too!!!!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Luke and Jace looked like they saw a ghost. Which is probably what they thought you were. "Sarah,your alive." Luke and Jace said in unison. They didnt wait for a reply just got up and group hugged you. You felt happy that they cared so much, but slightly dissapointed that A wasnt there. They let go and stared at nyou. to break the silence you said "Where is K?"Luke looked at Jace and Jace looked back at Luke and then Jace said " He left shortly after you died. He couldnt stand the pain. We dont know where he is now. But,we think he might be trying to avenge you by finding a weapon to kill Mike."
  2. "A weapon?" You ask. "Yes, the bow of truth."said Luke. "It is in vain though,for almost nobody knows where its hidden. Much less when to use it."added Jace. You thought back to your vision and announced "we need to prepare to see the oracle."Jace and Luke nodded and zipped off to get some stuff needed for the journey.Meanwhile you layed back down on your bed and tryed to invision where the oracle was located.You closed your eyes and a vision came to you. it was almost incomprehensible so you conveyed what you had seen to the guys. "We need a place where we can train you to realize your powers."said Luke. "I know the perfect place. Alright,chaps were heading to britain."Said Jace.
  3. You felt very excited."Im glad your happy about it Sarah."said jace's voice in your head."Ive always loved the U.K."you replied.Turning to face him you excpected him to drop his gaze,but as soon as he caught your gaze he held it. "Ahem, I dont know what your inside joke is,but we need to get moving."said Luke. Then you realizes that the whole time you werent talking out loud at all. "Phase one complete." Jace said in your head. You smiled and got into the car. Jace was the driver,you were in the passenger seat and Luke was all alone in the back. You felt bad for him so you moved to sit in the back with him. You could sense Jace was angry about this but he didnt show it. Luke on the other hand was soo happy.You sat down and prepared for a long drive. The trafficc was horrible so soon after you reached a quarter of the way to the airport he speed up the car using his super sspeed. You didnt want to get in too much trouble so u levitated the car. Within a few seconds you all reached the airport.
  4. "Well that was exiliharating." You say out loud. The guys nod their heads in agreement. Jace parks the car and u guys go to the inside of the airport. You had just gone through security when u saw somebody who looked a lot like A waved at you. You looked behind you and rubbed your eyes to make sure you werent hallucinating. Jace and Luke both shot you a puzzled look. "A." You scream and rush over there. Everyone is looking at you like your practically insane."Sarah, really what are u doing here?" says A. "Well me and my friends,Jace and luke, are going to London." You say. A looks displeased for a moment,but then the smile pops back on his face and is shortly replaced witha smirk. "What seat do u have on the plane?" You tell him and since there are three seats in a row(I think thats what they call it) u take the middle seat, A takes one seat next to you and Jace (since u promised) takes the other."really,your relly going to london with us?" You say. "Yup." A replies. You smile and walk with A back over to Luke and Jace. He puts his arm around you and for some reason u cant bring yourself to shove it off. Luke and jace see you and look seriously upset.
  5. "Guys,this is A-." You begin to say but cut yourself off because you remembered that A had never told anyone his name before you. A looks at you and says "Its okay babe. Tell them." You shoot him a skeptical look,but continue anyway. "Guys this is Alec. He is going with us to London. He has powers like us.And hes a close friend so act nice." That was enough for Luke he totally lost his chill " Close friend huh? We have been pouring our heart out to you telling u that we love u and will do anything for you and all this time you havent felt the same for any of us cuz u already had this guy,as your boyfriend."You try to reply,but A doesnt let you. he lets go of you and just when u think he is gonna beat the hell out of Luke he touches him lightly on the shoulder and u hear snoring. "One of my abilities,knocking people out.He was causing a SCENE." A said. Luke had his eyes still open and was standing upright he looked awake and only you,Jace and, Alec knew that he was asleep.
  6. You all board the plane. The ride was pretty average. You had many intresting conversations with Alec who all the while kept saying some really cheesy stuff like.. "You know if I could re arange the alphabet Id so put u and I together.""Wow,so original.' You say laughing. Alec's face suddenly gets serious. You look next to you and see that Luke was already up and was really upset.
  7. You toch Luke lightly on the shoulder and look into his eyes. His anger drifts away and he leans in and kisses you. "Aw s---. Now Alec and Jace are probably really upset." you think in your head. "No we arent," say Jace and Alec in unison in your head. "Its up to you who u like. We will all love you forever, and forever is pretty long for all of us because we are all superhuman."You glance in there direction and they give you a reassuring nod. You look back at Luke and his face is in a hue smile,like he had just won the lottery. You smile back and are silent for the rest of the trip.
  8. You and the guys get off the plane and Jace takes you all to a restaraunt near the airport. all around you can hear and see hot guys by the thousands speaking in british accents. "Welcome to the homelands chaps, and Sarah."jace says winking.You giggle and you can see Alec tense up. You want to ease the obvious tension so you announce "alright well I have to use the loo. Be back in a jiffy and chaps dont stick your noses anywhere while im gone." 'Nice british accent imitation." Luke says. (F.Y.I in britain the bathroom is called the loo.)You shoot the guys a grin and tell them to meet you at a certain location in about an hour. You hear Luke and alec's thoght... Alec:An hour for the restroom? ill never understand girls! Luke:damn she's hot. You blush and the words echo in your head. You almost reach the bathroom.
  9. You hear Jace say... "Phase 2,complete." You grin,but unfortunately dont make it to the bathroom. You bump in to a guy who looks about you age with short brown hair,he is also british. He looks at you and you fall unconcious... the last thing you hear?.... sorry sarah. CLIFFHANGER!!!!Who do u love?
  10. cliffhanger!!!

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