Love or Sex which one are you?

There are many people who want to be in a relationship, but just does not know how to act when around a guy. a guy does not want you to throw yourself on him. if you do not want a relationship then go ahead, but if you do want a relationship let him know you are a couple type. Hey perhaps you are just sex and no love

Many people wish to be in relationships, and now that you truly know that you are in this relationship for love and not sex take full advantage of it, and have fun, perhaps it may not last as long as you think.

Created by: Allana

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  1. When you see a guy what is your reaction
  2. When with a guy, what part of your body do you wish he would touch?
  3. What would you do after a guy kiss you
  4. How long would you wait to have sex with a guy that you are in a relationship with
  5. when thinking about a guy you like what pops into your head most often
  6. on your first date with a guy, what are topics you would talk about
  7. how long would you wait to introduce your new boyfriend to your family
  8. what is your favorite position in bed.
  9. what is your favorite way to kiss a guy in the beginning of a relationship
  10. if your new boyfriend ask you to call him when you came home from going out with friends what would you do?
  11. when sitting on the couch, how do you make out with your new boyfriend
  12. if you had been dating a guy for 6 months and was going on vacation without him what would you do
  13. if you were to get a tatoo which one would you get
  14. if you had been dating a guy for 6 months and was going on vacation without him what would you do

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Quiz topic: Love or Sex which one am I?