Love or Hate? - Part 2

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Sorry it took me so long to get Part 2 out, we had final exams at school, then a book to read before Christmas break and it's just been busy. But here's part 2 finally!

I wrote this at 5:24 on Christmas morning so MERRY CHRISTMAS! Don't forget to comment and rate at the end, thanks! My dog snores extremely loud... So do my parents... How am I sposed to get any sleep around here!? Oh well.. READ ON

Created by: ThatWeirdChic
  1. Recap: So you met Sam the new guy, and tire best guy friend Dylan returned. Also you turned 18. Then thoughts and voices from people started flowing in your head and you passed out in the hall. Remember that?
  2. I wake up in a dark room laying across a green couch. I groan and notice Sam sitting beside me, "What did you do to me!" I demand. "Calm down Grace" he says "I brought you here so I can explain what's happening to you." He looks at me and somehow I know I can trust him. "You mean the voices in my head?" I question. "Yes. And they're not voices... They're thoughts. Grace you can read minds." I leap up then fall back down as the throbbing in my head starts up again, "Ugh your kidding right?" "Maybe Dylan can explain it better." Sam tells me, I look up as Dylan appears from the shadows of the wall. "Wa-Wait you two KNOW eachother?!" I spit out. "Grace I know your confused but you need to trust us. We're not crazy people..We just have powers. And so do you."
  3. Sam quietly leaves the room leaving me with Dylan. "At least let me show you around! Then i'll explain everything!" he begs. I glare,"Fine" I follow him out of the room and notice the house is HUGE. Dylan grabs my hand and leads me up stairs to another room. "This is your room" he says "Mine is beside yours." I gaze at my new room, It's:
  4. "I love it" I exclaim ardently. I sit on the bed and he sits beside me. "Is this why you never talked to me?" I ask. "You mean no cell service?" he jokes, "Nah. Just got to busy. Im honestly sorry, I would never mean to hurt you." I look at him for a moment and realize he's still holding my hand, I think he noticed because he drops my hand and leads me down the hall. "NICK!" He yells, I wince. The door opens and standing there is "Nick." He's tan and muscular with black hair and green eyes. Pretty hot to be honest...
  5. He looks at me and my eyes lock into his. "Hmm another one of your dumb blonde girlfriends Dylan? Oh don't tell me she's your cousin!" he says in mock horror. I snicker and Dylan shoots a glare at me. "No this is Grace, powers like us." he explains. Nick leans against the doorframe with a smug look like he already knew who I was. I notice a scar on Nick's arm that looked like it had been there a long time. Nick shifts his arm and the look in his eyes is different than before. Like some old memory is coming back to him, I could tell he was beating himself up mentally. "Pain or past?" I whisper. He looks at me, his eyes like a puppy dog "Not as dumb as you look" he replies. Both.
  6. *NICK'S POV* Memories flood through me, I can't bear it. My parents, the forest, Cassie...I can see it all. I am forever running from my past which haunts me. And I can never be free.
  7. *GRACE'S POV* Dylan takes me down to the living room to explain thing. Meanwhile I can't forget the look in Nick's eyes... It's the same look i'd had once. I keep trying to remember when or why but I can't. All I know is he's in pain. And i'll find out why.
  8. *SAM'S POV* Dylan and Grace walk in but Grace seems disconnected, "Grace!" I snap, She jumps slightly and looks at me as if she was in a trance. "Uhm, sorry" she mumbles and sits down. OK. Here comes the hard part, explaining.
  9. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry! I will probably start doing these weekly though. Please give me your opinions and ideas! I might put your idea in part 3 and if I do i'll also give you a shoutout.
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