Love or Hate? - Part 1

Hi! Welcome to part one of "Love or Hate?" You/Grace is an 18 yr old girl with tan skin, brown-into blonde ombre hair, and brown eyes. Your best friend is Clarissa and your best guy friend is Dylan. You'll meet other guys in this story as well and discover powers and mysteries. Skip next intro paragraph xd

ok lalala yim dyingggg hope you people enjoy this series bleh k 12345 yay i know how to count xd have fun reading! I will try to get part 2 out maybe at Christmas? o-o ok so like read on now

Created by: ThatWeirdChic
  1. I wake up as the alarm clock goes off. 7:00am. Today was the first day of the last year of high school and also my 18th birthday. I get up out of bed and go downstairs to see $500 laying on the table with a note that says: 'Happy birthday sweetie! Emergency at work sorry -Dad' "Love ya too Dad." I mutter. I grab the cash and run upstairs to get dressed when Clarissa texts. Clarissa is my best friend, we've been best friends since kindergarten and have always been there for eachother. I read the text aloud "Happy 18th! A guy from your past wants to see you. Get excited, wear something cute! Love ya Grace!" I laugh quietly but then wonder what guy she's talking about... Oh well guess i'll find out. I go over to my closet and put on-
  2. I look in the mirror, pleased with the outfit I chose I go to the bathroom to put on my makeup. Once im finished I grab my bag and my phone and head downstairs. I decide to text Clarissa to see if she wants to meet me halfway. I sit on the couch as I wait for her reply. The phone dings: 'Sure Grace, meet us at the end of the road' I head outside and start walking.
  3. I walk up to Clarissa when I see the guy. "DYLAN?!? I scream and run over to him and he smiles and hugs me. Dylan is my best guy friend. I hadn't seen him in 2 years and we never called or texted. "I missed you" he tells me with a warm smile. "I missed you more! But why are you here?" I ask. "Well my mom decided to move here! She can't wait to see you Grace!" he gives me a soft kiss on the cheek. But this kiss felt different than the playful kisses he would give me. It made my whole body warm felt..nice. I blush slightly as we start walking to school. "What am I chopped liver?" Clarissa exclaims.
  4. We get to the highschool and go our seperate ways. I walk towards Ms.Crisp's math class while checking instagram posts and accidently run into someone. "Watch it!" I snap and look up, A guy is standing in front of me, he has tan skin, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and most likely a six pack. He gives me an apologetic smile, "Sorry" he tells me. "Huh? Oh, no im sorry guess I shouldn't text and walk!" I say and he chuckles. His eyes are like the ocean and when he smiles you can tell he's genuinely a kind person. "Im Sam" he says "Im new here." "Im Grace, Grace Taylors. Well I better hurry i'll be late for math!" He nods and I rush off
  5. Im sitting in class braiding strands of my hair when I see Sam come in, and I sit up. "Mr Waters you're late." Mrs. Crisp says firmly. Sam nods silently and slides into the seat next to me. I smile at him and go back to playing with my hair. "A girl like her will never like a guy like me" I hear Sam's voice in my head and I drop my pencil. Am I going crazy? I shake my head and pick up my pencil. "Ms Taylors how do you divide 2 mixed number fractions?" Mrs Crisp asks me. "Uhhh you just do?" I say dumbly. "Your smarter than that Grace" I hear Sams voice again. I jump out of my chair and rush out to the hall. Suddenly everyone's thoughts and voices are screaming in my head. I drop down on my knees trembling, "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?" I scream rasply. The noise in my head becomes to much to bear, And I black out...
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