Love Life Forever

There are many girls to like boys. In this quiz you are given a set of 3 boys and at the end u will see which boy are you most likely to have. The choices of the three sets of boys are Justin, Johnny, and Sebastian. They are 3 brothers. Hope you got the good one which is the one you love!

Girls only please so that this quiz make sense. Okay? So girls, are YOU a good girl to get who you want to have? Take this quiz to see who you will get at the end. Will you get Justin, Johnny, or Sebastian? Who knows?

Created by: Jocelyn

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  1. You start out in a mall. You see yourself gazing into the shiney blue water fountain with goldfish in them. Suddenly a blue topaz bracelet falls out of nowhere and falls right into the fountain. What do you do?
  2. Justin runs up to you. His shiney black hair and innocent grey eyes look at you. Pretend you wore the bracelet. Justin says,"Whew! Come on guys! The bracelets safe in a cute girl's wrist!"
  3. Sebastian and Johnny come out from behind Justin. They both grab you and gently puts you in a red van. Justin gives you a sundae and tells the driver to got to 4619 Winter Snow RD. He apoligizes for Johnny and Sebastian and smiles at you. You...
  4. You finish your sundae and you go off and the guys follow you like your a queen. You start flying all off a sudden and falls to the ground. Sebastian caught you. He blinks and smiles weirdly...What do you do?
  5. The guys take you to a weird cave and throw you in a clear pool. Before you splash into the water you feel this thing carrying you away really fast. You look and your in Sebastians arms.
  6. Justin says," Sebastian! Quit your magic! We hav to find out! She's broke the curse of Bracelet Of The Magic Gods!!!" Justin then quickly explains that they were seeing if u were magic and says that only the Magic will save u from falling into the Pool Of The Devils.
  7. You feel dizzy as u fall into the pool from Johnny throwing u...u wake up in a warm yellow bed feeling happy. You see the guys looking happy at u. They said that u WERE magic. Sebastian gives u som hot coacoa. They said that ur having a little cold and thats how u felt dizzy.
  8. You feel warm as u slowly drift to sleep. You dream about...
  9. U wake up in the morning. U see birds all around u. U smile and go down to the kitchen. You wanna see...
  10. This is probaly the end of the quiz...Anyways...Did u like it?

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