Love, life, and drama (pt.1)

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I really hope you enjoyed this! Please comment and rate it would really make my day! Please comment and rate! Please comment and rate I work really hard!

I really hope you enjoyed this! Please comment and rate it would really make my day! Please comment and rate! Please comment and rate I work really hard!

Created by: ACB
  1. First day of 9tg grade. Not gonna lie, not super pumped. This isn't like the first day of middle school, elementry school, or even preschool. This is my day to make an impression. Join the popular crowd, pick out my crush, try not to be who I've been before. But I doubt I'll get that lucky. I slam the off button on my alarm clock, and sleepily, crawl out of bed. I am not one of those people who throw something on, I pick out EVERYTHING. My Aeropostale t-shirt, my orange skinny jeans, and my back converse high tops. Today, I'm the pilot if my life. Little did I know, I was about to crash and burn.
  2. I walk down stairs and over to the fridge. I take out the box of strawberries, my favorite. I wash a few and pop them into my mouth. I run over and grab my back pack that I made my self out of some old denim jeans. I open the door and learn that a 6:00 sun, isn't that bright. I almost skip down the side walk, down to the end of the street. I already see Kacey waiting for me. Kacey a.k.a my BFF. "Skipper!" She yells. "I haven't seen you forever!" I looked at her. "I saw you last Saturday." She pauses, then says, "Oh yeah...right." I smile. "You ready Kacey?" I ask. She and me my be BFFs, but we look opposite. I have straight brown hair, she has blonde wavy hair. Me, hazel eyes, hers are green. And how we dress, I have to say, I love her style. She has black converse hightops(like me) and red and red and black rights, with white shorts over them. She was on a navy t-shirt, and a REALLY cute green jacket. So what it's an odd outfit for August! It was Kacey.
  3. We talk some more, what'd we'd done in the past, like, 2 days. That's when the bus turns the corner and my heart sinks. Not 145! That was our bus last year. And that has cranky Steve the bus driver. We hop onto the bus, and cranky Steve's not in the front, but a differ man. He looks quite young, like 22. He has stormy gray eyes, but a smile on his face. "Girls, I am to tell you that you two are the only ones riding this bus this year, okay?" What? We had others on our bus last year, and what the older kids too? "All of the other kids are going to Mallway High School." Mallet was expensive. By expensive, I mean EXPENSIVE! "There is only three other girls in this area that are going to Marygold High School, but they have chosen to drive instead. I knew who it was Lola, Penelope, and Simone..
  4. Lola a.k.a the dumb one. This girl, let me tell you is NOT smarter than a fifth grader. She is dumb, but rich, which helps her out tons! Penelope a.k.a the brat. She is always whining, texting, or shopping. Again, rich. Then we have Simone. Simone a.k.a the jock bait. Almost every boy last year was in love with her. By 6th grade, I heard that she already has kissed 17 different boys. Her main job: making me miserable.
  5. I talked to Kacey the whole way to school. She like me was ready for a new start. I got more and more butterflies in my stomach as we got closer to school. We screech to a stop. We are hear. I stand up walk to the front. The bus doors open. I take a step. And wipeout
  6. I didn't know how bight that step was!!! So it's not my fault. "You need help?" I look up and see an out stretched hand. I take it I brush myself off. Then I fall in love. I am staring into deep blue eyes, of supreme hotness. I'm in heaven. "Jake!" I snap back, to see Simone. She saw how I looked at Jake. I knew she did because this. "Baby, where'd you go?" And then she kissed him. A long kiss. Right in front of me.
  7. Let me say, high school, isn't living up to what I want it to be.
  8. Thanks! Check ou t being Skylar!
  9. I really hope you enjoy Love, life, and drama! Thanks 4reading! It really does mean a lot to me. Please comment if u read, so I know how many people read it! Thanks for your support! Please rate and comment!c
  10. Part 2 soon!

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