How Well Do You Know Doraemon?(very Hard)

Hey guys! So, you think you know Doraemon? Or are you still wondering if you really do? Well, Thanks to this awesome quiz you are about to find out! AND PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!

I'm warning you, the quiz is very hard! Go ahead, it might not be hard to everyone! Stop reading this and take the quiz! Oh and please Rate and COMMENT! This is my first quiz and it will make me very happy if you rate and comment!

Created by: Farzeen
  1. What is Doraemon?
  2. Which century did Doraemon come from?(easy question)
  3. Who did Suneo's voice in the movie 'Nobita and the Animal Planet'?
  4. Does Doraemon have any siblings?
  5. If he does have siblings, does he have a sister or brother?
  6. Does Nobita have any siblings?
  7. If he does, does he have a sister or brother?
  8. Who does Shizuka have a serious crush on?
  9. Gian always picks on Nobita. Who helps him(unwillingly) to do this?
  10. Nobita's hair was black before. How did it turn red?
  11. Doraemon is afraid of mice. Why?
  12. Did Nobita ever kiss Gian?
  13. What is Shizuka's favourite thing to do?
  14. Which is the first Doraemon film?
  15. What is Nobita's only talents?
  16. Suneo has a cat. What is it called and is it male or female?
  17. Last question. What name did Nobita give the puppy he found in one episode/book?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Doraemon?(very Hard)