How well do ou know Doraemon?

Hey guys!Do you know about the cartoon Doraemon?Do you think you really know it?Please take this quiz then?Oh and check out my other quiz 'How much are you like me?'

Please go on to the quiz don't waste your time go on take the quiz and please rate and comment!PLEASE rate and comment!I beg you!Please!Stop reading this and go on.:) and again, rate and comment!

Created by: Farzeen
  1. Do you know what Doraemon is?
  2. Who's Nobita?
  3. who's nobico?
  4. which century did doraemon come from?
  5. describe suneo's personality
  6. who is dorami?
  7. who's is shizuka?
  8. name all the characters
  9. what is nobita's mom's name?
  10. Who bullies nobita always?
  11. what's doraemon afraid of?
  12. doraemon is a do you turn him off?

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