love is in the air... part 4

*READ THESE FIRST* ok, so your name is lizzie and you went to degree high. you met two boys there and your met some more in the last quizes! if you didn't take the first few, do so before you take this 1 :)

The boys: Ethan- a sweet character, charming, tall, has blue eyes and blonde hair, and obviously likes you. Josh- strong and sensitive, has black hair and dark brown eyes, is medium height and is an emo-y type. Sam- a bad boy, cunning, yet sneaky, medium height (same as josh), red hair and blue eyes. Philip- very strange! A VAMPIRE! he has brown hair with a green highlight and color-changing eyes. Matt- outgoing, smiley type of guy, long-ish sandy-blonde hair, light blue eyes, and about as tall as you. Jacob- keeps to himself, quiet, doesnt like to get involved in things that arent adventures! has short dark dark brown hair green eyes, and is average height.

Created by: Jess

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  1. ...something puts a hand around your mouth and says "dont move, for your life!"
  2. you try a muffled scream, but even you can barely hear it! you kick and punch the man but he doesnt even flinch. "heh heh. stupid girl!" he whispers in a harsh tone. then he walks off, with you under his arm, and one hand over your mouth. he goes outside, and then puts something in your mouth and forces you to swallow it. You pass out!
  3. when you wake up, you see someone standing right infront of you! you try to stand up, but you cant move! "fell right into my trap, eh?" "Sam?" you say, unsurprised. "Ooh, how EVER did you guess?" he says sarcastically, "now, i doubt it, but do you know what you are trapped in? its a immovible forcefield. that means you can't get out, and you can't move around. but I can get IN. >:D"
  4. 'this guy is such a $%?@!' you think. "i heard that!" he says smiling. he pushes a button and you can painfully feel 100 volts going through your body!
  5. After a while, he releases the button and the electricity stops. 'Right, mind-reader.' you think. you are breathing heavily and are all out of energy. "why... are you so... obsessed... in... electricity?" you say, barely able to hear what you said yourself. Sam laughs and walks out the door, still laughing, leaving you alone. you sigh deeply. 'im doomed. i bet the guys have no idea where i am!' you think.
  6. meanwhile... ethan's sitting in his room. "idiotic Josh! Ooh, i HATE him! he and sam ALWAYS get in my way! ALWAYS! ugh..." he says teary-eyed and frusterated. also, Josh is in HIS room. hes just laying on his bed, thinking 'WOW. did i actually just do that?!' over and over again. suddenly, Matt rushes in. "have you seen Lizzie?" he says to Josh worriedly. "no, i haven't seen her since... um... never mind. oh my gosh! where IS she?" replies Josh in the same tone.
  7. Josh and Matt run to get Jacob and Ethan, but only found Jacob. "strange, hes normally easy to find." says Matt, confused. "oh well, we need to find Lizzie!" says Josh hurriedly. Jacob just grunts. They all hop into Jacob's red sports car and drive away. (if your wondering, they didn't use Josh's power because they don't actually know were you are, and they think might see you walking around if they used the car.) they speed around town looking for you, they look in all the shops, buildings, and just on the streets, but can't find you anywhere! finally, they give up searching and call the police. they discribe you to them and hang up. they have no IDEA where you are!
  8. back to you... you start to panic. "AAA what am i going to do?!" you blurt out loud. "why, nothing! heh heh." sam again! "miss me? i thought not." he smiles evily. he goes inside the force field and shoves something down your throat. surprisingly, you don't pass out. he walks out, and your all alone AGAIN. oh wait, after he walks out, you DO pass out after all! funny how these things work out. bad guy give you drug, you pass out. simple! :D
  9. you wake up again, in a different room, and you feel strange. not sick strange, but just weird. Sam walks in. for some reason, your body jumps up and starts making out with him!!!
  10. when you FINALLY stop, you just stare at him at look shocked like this- :O exept your mouth is a LOT wider. Sam just grins and evil grin "it finally worked!" he says. 'what worked?' you think "what i shoved down your throat before. now your body and is madly in love with me, but your heart isn't! HAHA, this is the greatest invention yet!" he says. you just... don't know what to do! 'help!' you think.
  12. who do you like?
  13. please comment and tell me what i need to add/ take out in part 5! (rate too :D)
  14. BYE!

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