love in the air

OK love is in the air for you and a lucky guy could it be Martin, Cody, Ryan, Sean, or Nick? you decide! and trust me the right guy is one of these ones

So who do YOU love?Marin, Cody, Ryan,Sean, or Nick? who is the right guy fo you? is there a perfect guy for you?you bet there is and i have solid proof right here!

Created by: hip hop

  1. One day you were walking down the street with all of your best friends and you c 5 guys..
  2. your friends laugh and say "look ____ its martin, cody, ryan,sean,and nick!" martin has blonde hair that sparkles bright blue eyes with an innocent look, cody has dirty blonde hair brown eyes and those eyes are the kind that you could stare into all day, Ryan he has brown shaggy hair he is wearing shades and seems to be listening to music and not paying attention to any of you girls, Sean is wearing a hat that says "world of warcraft" and has glasses on but cant seem to stop staring at all of you, Nick has curly brown hair he is also wearing shades and hes holding a guirtar
  3. one of your friends, lols says "omg nick is so hawt i call dibs on him"
  4. then kylie says "no way i saw him first tell her _______"
  5. then silece runs thru the air untill the boys com to say hi
  6. you walk to your secret crush he says "hi im ____"
  7. he smiles a big big smile
  8. um he smiles to what you say
  9. well everything seems uh predictable huh? well i suck at this so sorry about that!but this is almost over its ok if you h8 this
  10. you hear a "thump" "what the heck was..."
  11. ok sorry thats it for now but im pretty sure a love in the air 2 will come along soon thanx so muxh guys yall r awesome

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