Love in a Beat! pt.9

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I will no longer cry. I will no longer fight. I will no longer care. I will no longer hope. For now I know I won't get what I want. For now I know. Because my life is dark history.

I will probaly burn in Hell because of how dark my life is. I will write these feelings down and turn them into music. Read the story. I SAID READ IT ALREADY!!!

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. Then Mom walked in my room. She said,"The pizza is going to be here in thirty minutes." I said,"OK." Then scooted closer to Jerry. He said,"Can I sleep with you,not in the sex way,in your bed tonight."
  2. I smiled and said,"Yes." He put his hand in mine. Then Dad walked in. He said,"Jerry. May I talk to you for a minute?" He said,"Yes sir." He let me go and went with my dad.
  3. I layed on my bed and thought. I got up and went downstairs. Crow said,"Sister the pizza os going to be here in three minutes." Then I neard Dad and Jerry laugh.
  4. Soon I saw Jerry shake Dad's hand. Jerry came to me. He had s a bruise on his cheek. I said,"Jery. Where did that bruise came from? It's on your face. It wasn't there before. Dad?"
  5. Dad looked down. Jerry said,"Your dad didn't like me at first. Since I'm your first boyfriend. He thought I'll hurt you. But now he met the real me." I kissed the bruise and looked at Dad.
  6. Then the pizza came. Jerry made me sit on his lap. I giggled and smiled. Crow said,"Mom their grossing me out with their love. Can you please make them stop?" Mom shook her head.
  7. Jerry noticed the necklace on my neck. He took the skeleton part and looked at it. Then Dad opened the pizza. Jerry grabbed a slice and gave it to me. Then he had a slice.
  8. I ate my slice and Jerry had his. He said,"Well,me and Raven said it's OK for me to sleep on her bed with her." Mom said,"OK." Jerry smiled. Man I love his smile.
  9. Jerry carried me upstairs. I said,"I love you." He said,"I love you to!" Then my phone started to ring. It was Emily. Emily said,"Hey Raven! I was thinking we walk to school together."
  10. I said,"I'm busy. I'll call you tomorrow." Then I hung up. Jerry put me on my bed and went in it with me. We cuddled and thrn I fell asleep. Soon Jerry fell asleep. I woke up when I heard a knock on my door.
  11. Jerry got up and answered it. It was Mom. She said,"Raven. Is this yours?" She soon showed a GoodWill bag. I said,"Yes." Jerry took the bag and gave it to me.
  12. I said,"Thank you." He said,"What did you buy from there?" I showed him the shorts. He said,"You hung out with Emily today?" I said,"Yes." He said,"OK." Then I put the bag on the ground.
  13. Cliff-hanger. Comment your most favorite song!

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