Love in a beat! pt.7

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I no longer hope. I no longer cry. I no longer care for strangers. I only care about my friends,my family, and my boyfriend. I no longer cry. For in the end we all die.

Everybody dies anywhere and anytime. For no one knows what the future has for us. I might die without tasting what I always wanted to taste. Don't ask what.

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. He dropped me off. I said,"Bye." then got out of the car. I went imside and sung Happy. Mom said,"I see your happy. Lol." I smiled and went to the living room.
  2. My dad was watching TV with Crow. I picked up Crow and spun around. She yelled,"What in the world happend. You haven't been this happy since you got your stereo!"
  3. I just smiled and put her down. I picked up Edward and sang to him. Mom was shocked. I said,"I'm so happy! I have no reason to be happy!" Then I ran upstairs to my room.
  4. I closed the door and called Emily. She said,"Hey Raven! I can't wait until tomorrow! So how are you?" I said,"I'm happy! I have no clue why. But still very happy!" Emily said,"I think it's because you enjoy every moment with Jerry."
  5. I said,"I think that's the reason why." She said,"Well. I got to go. I have to get me a new pair of headphones." I said,"OK." Then hung up. I got ready for bed.
  6. I went to the kitchen right quick and grabbed my headphones. I threw away my earbuds and plugged in my MP3. I pressed 'Play' then went upstairs. I took them off and went to sleep.
  7. The next morning. I woke up and put on my headphones. I went downstairs and cooked me a sausage sandwich in the microwave. One it got done I ate it and Dad woke up. He said,"Good morning." I smiled and said,"Good morning!" I hugged him then went to my room.
  8. I closed my door and got dressed. I grabbed a t-shirt with a pair of headphones on it. I grabbed a black skirt. I got my tan pair of heels and got dressed.
  9. Soon I walked to the Mcdonald's. I saw Emily with a guy. She was holding hands with him and then he left. I came up to her and said,"Hey!" She said,"Hey. That guy that I was with was my boyfriend."
  10. I said,"Cool." She smiled and we went inside. She ordered some fries and a Mcdouble. I otdered fries and a club sandwich. She said,"I'll pay." I said,"OK. Thank you."
  11. She hugged me and said,"No problem." I hugged her back and smiled. She stopped then our food was done. She payed and we went to our seats. We ate she said,"So what did you and Jerry do last night?" I said,"We went to Sonic for dinner." She said,"Cool." Then we stoled one of each other french fries. We laughed and then we ordered ice cream. We went out after paying for our ice cream.
  12. We held hands and walked to Goodwill. We looked at clothes and shoes together. She tried on a dress that made her look like a model. She said,"How do I look?" I smiled and said,"You look like a model."
  13. Cliff-hanger.

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