Are you really over with you ex?

Many people find it hard to move on..,the bottom line is the longer your relationship lasted,the longer you take to get over it. So use your friends as support!!

You may think it's fine to daydream about your ex once in a while. But could it mean you're still obsessed??So bring it to a test!!Take up this quiz and know if you're over with your ex or if you're still stuck in te past!!

Created by: lorraine
  1. What will you do if you see your ex with another guy/girl?
  2. Your ex asked for another chance to be with you eventhough he/she cheated on you more than once which totally broke your heart!!What will you do??
  3. You kinda miss your ex..,What will you do???
  4. Your ex's present bf/gf talked to you and asked you how you were..,what will you tell him or her??
  5. You saw you and your ex's picture together..,What will you do with it!!
  6. Do you think your ex is hot??(if he/she looks like your hollywood crush in real life)
  7. You found your ex beaten up in a bar..,what will you do?
  8. Your ex needs a date for his/her prom..,he/she told you that you'll just go as friends..,
  9. Your ex's present bf/gf asked for your help in knitting..,what will you do?
  10. Your ex is dying and is asking for your forgiveness because he cheated on you..,how will you respond??

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Quiz topic: Am I really over with you ex?