Love in a beat! pt.1

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This is part 1! This is my first ever quiz! I hope you like reading it. It's a story-quiz type thing. So I hope you like it! Why do we even type these? Nobody ever reads these.

If your reading this then comment the word BEAT in all caps. I hope you like this though! That or just like reading this. Just read the story already!

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. Characters:Raven(Me) Lacy (Little sister) Hermy(Dad) Vernessa(Mom) Emily (BFF) Jerry(BF) Enjoy the story!
  2. It was my 14th birthday when we left. It was sad to leave all my friends but my mom was pregnant and Dad got a new job. Then we reached the house. I was singing a song alone all the way there.
  3. Dad unlocked the door during Mom was holding my sister. The movers came three minutes after he unlocked the door. I went up the stairs to claim a room.
  4. I went in the one with the view of the backyard and a bathroom close to the window. I thought it was neat. I said,"I claim this one!" Mom came to me and asked,"Where do you want to put your furniture?"
  5. I said,"Put it the same way we did it in the last house." I went to the sound of my sister. She claimed the one with the view of the frontyard with a bathroom on the end.
  6. Mom said,"Heres all of your presents. Sorry that it's not a whole pile. The budget got your present money." I said,"It's fine Mom. I wasn't expecting any. Thank you though."
  7. I sat on the floor and opened the four presents. One was a laptop,the other was a CD,the other was a MP3 player,the last was a pair of earbuds. I said,"Thanks y'all."
  8. The movers said,"Only the living room left to do. I swear whoever claimed this room is a music freak!" I said,"I'm not a freak!" They came in here and I went to my room.
  9. I played that CD and turned it all the way up. Then I closed and locked my door.Mom knocked on my door. She said,"WAIT UNTIL THE MOVERS LEAVE!" So I turned it off and went to my desk.
  10. I opened my laptop and put songs on my MP3 player. Then my sister knocked on my door. I love my sister. I loved her since Mom was pregnant with her. So I unlocked it. My sister is 12. She said,"Do you have money I can borrow? I heard there was a mall a walk away."
  11. I said,"We can go together after supper. OK?" She said,"OK." Then she left. I got done with the MP3 so I went to Facebook. After I texted my only BFF supper was done.
  12. Sister said,"Do y'all mind if me and sissee goes to the mall after supper?" Mom said,"Sure this town has it's own gate. Luckily they hand the key to only the people of the neighborhood." I silently put my earbuds on.
  13. After supper we went to the mall. I am splitting $30.00 with her. We went to Old Navy first. Then I saw this boy. He smiled and came to me. He had earbuds in to! He said,"Hello I'm Jerry. You are and who is this?" I said,"I'm Raven and that is my little sister. Her name is Lacy. Does everybody have earplugs on?"
  14. Cliff-hanger!

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