Love in a Beat! pt.10

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I hope you like this part. If your a member and posts on the forumd I won't post at all today. So don't think I hate you please! Also I will make part 12 tomorrow.

I would like to think all my homies. For they have been there for me. Even if their brother hacked in their account and hits on me. 0.0 Also I would like to thank my special someone for being there!

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. Then my alarm clock went off. I reached out my arm and turned it off. Then Jerry said,"Good morning beautiful. Did you know you sleep sing?" I said,"Yes." Then we both got out of bed.
  2. He said,"I'll get dressed in the bathroom." I said,"OK." Then he went in the bathroom. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a Aero pastole shirt. I got dressed. Then I grabbed my favorite pair of shoes.
  3. Jerry walked out when I was putting on the last shoe. He was wearing jeans,boots,and a shirt said,"I'm sexy and I know it!" I got up and we went downstairs.
  4. Mom said,"Good morning! How did you sleep Jerry?" He said,"Like a dead body!" I laughef and smiled. Mom giggled. She said,"Are you going to eat breakfast here or at school?"
  5. I said,"Well we are going to school. So bye." Jerry opened the door and said,"Ladies first." I went out and Jerry came out. Emily was almost to us. Emily said,"So you thought about it?"
  6. I said,"Yes." She said,"OK." Then all three of us walked to school together. Then we reached the school. We went to our lockers and then went to class. After class we went to the next one.
  7. Then we went to the next class. I thought,"The school day is so boring." Then the next class. Finally it was lunch time. I sat by him and Emily. Jerry said,"The school is so boring." Emily said,"I know right!"
  8. Then we ate. I said,"Luckily there will be a back-to-school party." Then Jerry said,"Is this your first one?" I nodded my head. He said,"Well. All it is just eating and dancing." Then we dumped our trays. We went out and walked to our lockers.
  9. We went to class. Then the next one. Then it was almost time for the party. We grabbed our stuff and put our homework in our backpacks. Then we went out to the big sidewalk.
  10. I ate one hamburger and sat down. There was nobody dancing. Then a slow song came on. Jerry grabbed my hand and pulled me out to a spot. There was at least 14 people dancing. He pulled me close to him and we started to dance.
  11. Then it was time to go home. I grabbed my stuff and felt a hand on my shoulder. Jerry said,"Want to do homework at my house?" I said,"Yes." Then he carried me home.
  12. He put me down on his porch. We went in his house. Jerry's mom came up to me. She said,"How is my son's girl?" I said,"Good." He said,"We're going upstairs to do our homework." She said,"OK." Then we went upstairs.
  13. Cliff-hanger! Comment your most favorite subject in school.

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