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Hello everybody this is my first quiz so go easy on me this quiz is about you going to a new school you have no friends intill you meet 4 four girls.That is when your whole life changes hope you like it comment and rate what are you standing here for take the quiz

what are you waiting for christmas hurry up and take the quiz please comment and rate and leave more suggestings please if you don't like it is okay what are still waiting for take the quiz hope you like love got posion

Created by: iheartpuppies

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  1. hi welcome to love go posion it is my ever quiz so i hope you like it
  2. when there is a _________ that is were your name goes
  3. alarm clock starts beeping you groan and do your normal ruteen. Then you notice that you are at a different house and it is your first day of high school. What do you wear?
  4. you go downstairs to eat breakfast and look at the time 7:09. I am going to be late you say. You go outside and got in your toyota and drove off to school
  5. You find a parking space and walk in to the office and asked for your papers.You got your papers and walk out.You bumped into the boy sorry he says and left.That was strange you say to youself and went to your first class which is sinince
  6. You walk in the class room everybody was talking but now they are staring at you.The teacher anoice your name and you walk to the last seat next to a guy. After a few classes was over it was lunch time.
  7. You brought your on lunch and sat by yourself. Other girls came and sat by you hi you say they hi. You say I'm ________. Nice to me you ________ i'm winter and these are my friends Lexi Cristle and Chelsie. Lexi has curly red hair with blue eyes. Cristie has blonde hair and hazel eyes. Winter has brown hair with blue/green eyes. Chelise blonde curly hair with purple highlights on the bottom with cristle clear blue eyes.
  8. lunch was over after 2 classes are over it is time to go home you talk to your new friends. They told you to go to a party you go the mall and...
  9. Cliffhanger sorry if it is to short i will make it longer next time bye
  10. dmehfrfdg3g3f2ffwf2vwfw

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