Love found at sea (Part 6)

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Hi! Hope you like part 6! Comment and rate if yo uplease! It helps me a lot! Some one is back! Too so hope you like it and have a fun time!One more paragragh!

Mezamete ha kurikaesu Nemui asa wa Eri no TAI wo kitsuku shime. Kyous---su no DOA kuguru to honno sukoshi mune wo hatte arukidaseru. I open my eyes to a sleepy morning. I tighten the tie around my neck. When I walk in the classroom door I can walk in with my chest puffed.

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. The Seishin goes into the mysterious icy tube. It dives into a steep water slide. You hang onto the rim of the ship as do the others. You then black out. You open your eyes and look around. Your like in a icy crystal cavern. There is a little small river that the ship landed on. You look around and the blue crystal cave goes on and had a little snow land. You get on it along with Jarrad, Richard and Pip. The others stay on the ship while you explore. Your curious about the place and walk an endless walk way of snow. Your about to turn around when Richard said "I know this place...." He breathed out and white air floated in the air. "Wait what?" You asked. He ran farther up and soon the snow turned into a white grass with chrome colored flowers and its like a crystal meadow.
  2. There was a little platform with a white gem. Richard walked to it looking around the place with a little twirl. He face the gem and. You walked next to him and Pip said "What is it?" You looked at the gem and didn't reconize it at all. Richard touched it gently and his eyes grew wide. Light surged through the gem and into him. It seemed to shock him but he didn't move. His puples soon faded along with his hazel brown eye color. "Richard?" Pip asked. He didn't move. Pip slapped his back and nothing happened.
  3. You heard a voice in your head. It was the same one from your dream with the woman of light. "He has found his memories of his previous life......" It said. You snap your fingures and he still doesn't move. "Hey Richard! Nice to see you after all of these years!" Said an unfamilar voice. There stood a guy with black eyes and pale skin. His hair was a light blond. He had black clothing that was prince like. "Who are you?" Asked Jarrad pulling out his two swords. Pip pulled out his two guns. "Just and old friend of Richard here from the dead." He smiled. "Aw little prince of wisdom froze? Why want me to cover you with a blanket?" He said like he was talking to a puppy. Richard didn't move at all. "What the heck is wrong with you? Ran out witty remarks you always gave me?" He said fustrated. "Who are you?" You asked. The guy smiled and said "Well me a nd Richard go back. Way back to the old prosperious city. Both princes of the royal family. He was 17 when he died and I turned 18. Well just the guy I'm controling." The guy smiled. "Your posessing someone?" Pip said. The guy said innocently "But I had to visit Richard, he was one of us for a while. Right before that girl named Mary brought him out of it. But she went bye bye. Then the sweet battles began." The guy walked with his back to everyone.
  4. "Battle?" You asked. The guy sighed and said "Yes we fought but then he got reborn by that woman from the hevens. Including his brother Jacob. But not Matthew....." The guy seemed to be remembering a good time. "Jacob is the one you are pocessing?" Jarrad asked. "Yup see...." He turned around and his blond hair turned to a dirty blond(Like obi wan's hair but without beard and mustache) hie black eyes turned a light sky blue color. He looked hot. "As I was-" He was going to continue but a bolt of light came out of no where. You looked at saw Richard with his hand glowing. His eye color came back along with his puples. "Get out of my brother" He said. Then the bolt of light that hit the guy got bigger and seemed to burn the dark being inside of him. The guy screamed and fell. He turned back to normal with sky blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He was about to fall but Richard caught him. The guy groaned and said "Man never ever! Let me get controled by that horrible being bro...." Ricahrd said "Nice to see you again brother" The guy smiled and said "Havn't seen you for a long time...." Richard helped him up.
  5. "Wait what is going on Richard?" Pip asked confused. Richard looked at all of you and his eyes showed something different now. Like there was a cheery sweet guy. He smiled and you for a reason reconized it. "I'm Prince Richard of the Prosperous kingdom. Son of Queen Jasmine and King Kole. Brother of Prince Jacob and Prince Matthew." Pip looked at him and said "Your serious?" Richard nodded. The guy next to him stood up and and he was a little bit taller then him. He said "I'm Prince Jacob, this is the youngest brother Richard and I'm in the middle as you can say." Jacob smiled. "Okay......." Jarred said. Richard walked and said "We should get back to the ship." Jacob's eyes got big and said "Don't tell me your the captain?" Richard shook his head and said "no I am not." You started walking and Jacob said "Well your not the big type to be a captain-" He was about to continue but Richard interupted "I can beat you at chess." Jacob said "Your now embarissing me....." Richard chuckled when Jacob was silent "I thought so" Then you all were back with the Sieshin.
  6. You went to sleep after Jacob and Richard explained that their princes story. You were still confused. You woke up in the middle og the night and walked outside. You see Richard, he seemed extremly sad. "Richard is something wrong." You asked. But he didn't hear you. He was writing something in the journal that was in the libary. Or his journal actually. You tapped him on the shoulder and he finally noticed you. "Hi Aura" He said. He had glasses on. "Are you wearing glasses?" You said. He looked so cute in them.(Like Kocobunji in chobits.) "Yeah I use to wear them all the time before....I died." He said. You ask "How did you die oh prince. On the plate silver thingy it said that you died when you were 17." "I did die at that age." He said, "It started with my brother.........."
  7. "Jacob?" You asked. "No our eldest brother Matthew. He met this girl. He really liked her. But she broke his heart and disappeared. Then she comes back and I'm in my study on the third floor. She came in and we talked for a while then she pushed me down. I feel on my legs breaking them and I died." He said. "Ouch" You say when you heard that he fell. "Not just ouch. It felt like my bones were shattered to pieces." He said. "Still ouch."
  8. Richard's POV:She doesn't remember. But yet again the light being never remembers anything when she is reborn. Second rebirth in the row. Wow new record for me. But whats suppose to happen now? When the woman in white had me reborn she talked about a war. A battle. Something. Maybe it was the battle with Scar. That evil being took over my brother. I'll get back at him. But that means he's out loose again. So are the other dark beings like him. Those disgusting, cruel creature of darkness. I can't belive that Lily was one of them. *Visions after your death* You were chained up in a chair and you see the pain of the dark dagger being stabbed through your heart over and over. *Back to present thoughts* That was painful. She's dead so whats the next threat. I hate not knowing things!
  9. Back to your POV: You see that he's deep in thought. You felt that there was something more to the story. But you didn't question any further. You looked at the water. The water seemed to have ripples. Then a piece of ice falls behind the ship. Carl and Pip get out on deck along with Mac, Jacob and Jarrad. The water starts to shake as more ice falls. "The icy ceiling is colapsing! Come on we gott get out of here!" Richard said. You ran across deck and got the ship to move. She was slow at first but soon she picked up speed. You knotice that Jacob has clothing like Richard. But it was more prince like. You look at Richard's clothes and they looked prince like too. You see a strange arua around the two brothers as if they were giving more speed to the ship itself. The ship went faster and faster. There was ice ahead and it was thick. "We wont make it through!" You yell. "Yeah we will! This model was designed to go through the thickest ice with great speed and ease!" Jacob said. Then like butter the ship went through it like a knife. And water broke the ice dam and the ship seemed to fly for a second with the water. It broke through a rock in the middle of the ocean and then landed back in the water.
  10. Jacob smiled and so did Richard. "Guess the design went well!" Richard said. Jacob smiled and said "It's my design anyways! So of corse it will do great!" "Wait it's your design?" Mac asked. "Yup, he was always the little archetec in the castle." Richard said. "I work good with my hands! What to say its a gift." Jacob said. You smiled. "Now lets sail this baby!" He said going to a little leaver. "Whats that?" Carl asked. "You guys don't have all of the sails on." Jacob stated. "Wait what?" Taylor asked. Jacob pulled the lever and Richard nodded in approval. "Having secret levers and triggers? Good idea" Richard said. "Hey you knew about the study for like forever. So I'll have my cool surprises!" Jacob said. "Except in chess" Jacob was about to say something when Richard said quickly. Jacob got mad and said "why you little!" He was going to tackle him but Richard pointed at the lever. Jacob looked at him "One of these days I'll beat you at the game!" He mumbled as he pulled the lever.
  11. Hi! Thats the end of part 6! Part 7 will be out as soon as I can find spare time!

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