Love found at sea (Part 5)

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Hi! This part is a little weird. But in the next part it going to be more understandable! Hope you liked it! Comment and rate if you please! I don't mind if you do or not.

But it really helps. It will let me know weather or not to continue this series. Okay. So to any of you who make your amazing quizes. Better then mine would ever be! Never give up on your quizes! Don't stop them all of a sudden! Cause there are people there who do like your quizes and want to hear read more! Even if they are a gotoquiz user or not! Continue all of your great work! Yeah I did a little mini speech there.....

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. The ship stops quickly. You climb down onto the newly built deck. The beautiful Seishin was beautiful. With it's blue color and silver outlingin with silver ropes. It was all just beautiful. A crew from another ship saw it and their eyes grew wide at the site of it. You got the poles and you, Richard, and the captain went onto the next boat. Everyone was at the meeting. You went from ship to ship until you reached the one in the middle. It was big and you entered the captain's study. There was all of the other captains. They saw you three and one said "We thought that you were dead!" "We meet with the Forte Soluit. It almost took our ship apart. We got to an island and found the city that built the beautiful ship. A storm came and destoryed it but we found a blue print. We found out that she was the first of her model." The captain said. "Wait you mean the prosperous kingdom?" A guy said. You all nodded you heads. "Wow!" On captain said. "Then we rebuilt her and found out what her real name is. She the Seishin. The first of her ship model of the properous kingdom." The captain said. "Wow.....but you saw the Forte Soluit?" The guy said. You nodded. "We did too. Me and my crew found a wreakage of a couple of our ships. We found up it destoryed the U.S.S Fighter." A captain said. "6 more of our allied ships got sunk by the lost ship." Another captain said. "What should we do. It's been destorying so many ships." Then you noticed that there was only 6 ships total. "I went on the ship when it attacked us and no one was handling her. There wasn't even cannons." Richard said. "Whats going-" A guy was about to say but then you hear a cannon shot.
  2. You all run outside and there you see the Forte Soluit. It just sank down a ship within seconds. "How did it get here so fast?! We didn't even see it when we came here!" You say. Then the ship disappeared in thin air and appeared by another ship. "What the-" You were about to say. "Come on we gotta get to stations!" Richard said. He grabbed your hand and you followed him back to your ship with the captain. "Gte to stations!" The captain yelled. Eveyone scattered around as the Forte Soluit destoryed another ship. Then it appeared next to the Seishin. It fired a cannon but you were prepared and fired a cannon that hitted the ball of the other ship. It bounced back to it's own ship with your cannon ball falling. She fired more and more cannons at the Soluit. Then the ship was getting dammage pretty bad. Then the ship disappeared. You looked arounf to where it could have gone but it was gone now. Now the only ships was left was 3. "What is going on?" You whisper.
  3. You walk up the deck and see that everyone is okay. "What is going on?" Richard said. Then right where the Forte Soluit use to be there was a rose in the water. You picked it up and had a little dajavoo again. It felt alive and it was nice and warm filled with life. You then heard a voice that sounded like Richard's. "Even the smallest thing can be put back together. No matter how small the pieces are." You look at Richard and see that he didn't say anything. You then saw a little ghostly figure of Richard pop in front of you. He looked just like the painting. He had scholor clothing with glasses. He looked so cute. "Go under the water to see your destiny..." He then disappeared. "What the?" You said and Richard came and asked "Is something wrong?" You shook your head and the flower in your hand was gone. "I just can't belive we chased it off!" You lied. He smiled. Well were should we be going?" You asked him. "Where ever the wind takes us." Richard said. "Have you heard anyone going under water?" You asked him. "No not that I heard of." He replied.
  4. Then the ship is back gliding on the water. The sun soon then setted and you and Richard were walking around the deck. You looked at him. Your heart thumped. You never felt this way before. You were about to say something but then you see dolphins. "They are beautiful!" You exclaimed. "They sure are." Richard said. Then you feel the temperatures get colder. You look ahead and see a whale. You hear music. You look behind you and see Taylor with a drum. He patted it. You looked at Taylor's dark skin and his Green eyes and brown hair. He was a slave for ships and he grew up with Richard. He played the drum really nice. It was nice and soothing. You listened to it. You imgined a beautiful horse running across the water. A beautiful light glowed from it. Behind it was a hawk. Behind the hawk was a big hairy beast with a big nose and horns. It puffed out some white air. Behind that was a big fury cat that was white with black stripes, and behind that there was the firey bird. It fly high and the flames gave warmth. The thought disappeared slowly. You looked at Taylor and he stopped playing. "Your pretty good" You say. He smiled and said "I was bored." You smile back and look at the sea once more before going to bed.
  5. You dream of a nice sweet dream. You are running in a medow in a white dress. There's a beautiful apple tree and flowers are everywhere. You run around and get caught by a guy from behind. His touch was nice and warm. You wanted to see who it was but couldn't. Then a voice said "You may have gotten the heart of one once......but you can't ruin the other two. If you do they cannot be reborn and can't do their true duty in this world. You should know this......" A voice that you reconized but don't know who. The arms around fade away. You turn around and hear a thump. You turn around and your in the study of the castle in the lost kingdom. You see the Prince Richard fall on his legs and here a laugh from a evil cruel voice. You hear a crack and then you blink and you see the chess board and see the Richard Prince and the guy in the painting with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes. "Ha! Cheak mate!" The guy said in a happy cheery voice. But the Richard Prince said "I belive it is I who should be saying check mate." He moved a piece and beated the othter guy. "Drat! Why do I always lose!?" He said. Then the Richard disappeared and you see the guy crying saying "check mate....." Then you wake up. You look around and see that it's still dark.
  6. You go back to sleep. You had a different dream. You were sitting down and see a orb. You smile and are about to say something but the orb then diappears. You look around for it but it's gone. You look next to you and see a woman in white "You may have turned your fate this time but it will not happen again." She said. Light glowed from her so you couldn't see her face. "What do you mean?" You asked. "The Prince of Wisdom died and now the kingdom will fall. Becaus eof you" She contined. "Wait what?" You said. She sighed and said "The three princes you know as Jacob, Matthew and Richard have a important impact on the world. One is the prince of wisdom. Who had died under your watch. You watched him die and did nothing to prevent it. You were lucky this time to beat Lily. But a greater threat awaits you. You havn't helped the three princes find their true destneys yet. It took me forever but I got only two to be reborn." She said.
  7. "What?" You say. The woman continued "Matthew cannot be reborn. I could only have Richard and Jacob reborn. Now don't mess up this time." Then you wake up. You look around and see that it's still dark. You walk outside and got to Richard who is look at the ocean. You run to him and hug him. "Whoah, did you have a nightmare or something?" He asked. "I had a dream. A woman told me that you were reborn. I don't know what she ment but she said that I couldn't have you...." You hugged him tighter. He looked at you with a little confused expression but he said "It's okay Aura. It was just a dream." You looked at him and said "I'm sorry.....I-" Your about to say but he kisses you. He looked at you. You kiss him and put your arms around him. He hugs you and then the sun starts to rise. You kiss him and think "I like him more then anything....." You then let go and look at each other. You let go. Then the ship tilts. You fall to the right of the deck. "What the-" Richard said. Then the ship flips over. Your underwater and the ship comes back up. You cough out water and take in deep breaths. You look around and Richard is gone. You look over at the deck and think "No! He can't drown!" You dive in but then come back up. You swim deeper and see a small yellow rose. You pick it up and then your back on the ship.
  8. You then wake up. That was a weird dream. You walk on deck and hear a hawk. You see the hawk that you saw on your first day on the ship. She held a note. She handed it to you. You gave her a fish and read the note. It said "Come quick or he'll die......." You look at the bird and she screeched at you. Richard came and said "What did she bring?" "I dunno......." Then the bird pecks at your head. "Hey!" You say swaying her away. "Did you give her a fish?" Richard asked. "I did, it was big too!" You say. Then the bird pointed its beak south. Then you saw a icy tube. "Go in there?" You ask her. She moved her head up and down as if it was a nod. You tell teh crew and they helped you move the ship to the icy tube. "So what she wants us to go in there?" Carl asked. The bird moved it's head up and down. "Okay..." He said. Then the ship was about to go into the icy tube and................
  9. SO will you rate and comment?
  10. Thanks people!! This is the end of part 5. I know it was weird but part 6 will be more understandable!

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