Love found at Sea part 13

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Hey! Part 13 is here! Its long and I theres two Carl's for a heads up. I forgot I had a crewman Carl and made a dark being Carl. Sorry. And sorry that its a few days late.

I hope you comment and rate. It helps a lot to anyone. Trust me it does. I hope you like it! Have a fun time!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. *Richard POV* "What are we gona do!? _____! She can't be tortured! She's sweet, kind, smart, and I...." ,atthew said punching the wall we were standing by. We were standing by the old bakery where Baker Jo made her pies, cakes, and pasteries. They were the best in the entire land. There was always something in her oven and she was always making something. When ever you walk into her shop she would greet everyone with a kind smile and a "How was your day." She knew lots of recipies for practically anything you can think of. She even made her own cakes that she thought of. The place was always bright and clean. Volenteers would come and play free of pay. I sank back into the old memories of her......*100 Years ago* "Hey Jo" I entered her yellow bakery. "Prince Richard hows your day?" Jo asked. She had long brown hair in a braid, she had a apron and a blue dress that covered her feet. Her eyes sparkling with kindness. "I'm good, just thought I stop by. Oh and I got you a new cook book from Paris I believe." I said handing her a book. "Thank you so much! I heard from my friend who went there once that they make the best bread sticks!" Jo said. "No problem. I bet a paris person would come in and try your bread and go 'Paris is gona go bankrupt from this delicious bread!'" I said jokingly. Jo laughed. "Guess your getting comedy from your older brother Jacob arn't you?" Jo said. Jacob came in and rattled my hair "Pretty much! Huh little brother!" He said. I was only 13 at the time. He was fourteen and Matthew was 15. Before Lily was even a thought. "But nothing compares to my comedy!" Jacob said playfully. "I bet you that you'll loose at chess." I said. "Thats a bet I'll take little brother. You stick your nose inside of every book in that libary. But that doesn't mean that you'll win in chess." Jacob said. Jo smiled. Later that day when we played chess. I won. *Present* I smiled to myself.
  2. But now her ovens no longer work. The paint is now disappearing because of the weather and scratches of people running from dark beings. Dust and spider webs are everywhere and the windows are cracked. I looked at my two brothers. Matthew freaking out and Jacob is trying to calm him down. He really does love ____. Well I have to step in and help my brother. To the end even if it cost's my life. He's been through a lot and I caused nothing but trouble after my brain washing from Lily......Its the least I can do....
  3. *Jacob's POV* I tried to calm the stampeeding Matthew who sounds like a howling wolf. He wont stop worrying about ____. Richard found her and is going to go get her probably and he'll be with her again. But he is blaming himself and saying that he should protect her. Richard stepped in between us. His new red eyes freaked me out now cause I'm so use to his clever intelligant hazel eyes. "Listen up the two of you." He said calmly. I have to say he's the only one not freaking out now. "Matthew I kow where she is and how to get there. So stay calm cause we are going to get her." He said. "Okay! Teleport us now!" Matthew said. "We need to be armored and I'm gona need to ask the captain if some of my fellow crew members would help us. Because everyone in the darkness knows who we are and will sense our presence once we are there. So we're gona need ot be prepared for a fight. They'll probably be guarding her cause shes the light being. So we need to attack fast and non stop until we get to her." Ricahrd explained. "Now Jacob I'll need you to go to the armory in the troop area of the castle. There might be some things useful there. Matthew I want you to go to the libary, unlock the secret passages to extend. On the second floor, 5th shelf to the right get the book call 'summoning' and three shelves to the left of it and get the book 'formations'. Meet me back here in and hour. Now go." Richard said. I realized how much my brother has grown. "Wait why an hour?" Matthew asked. "Cause I have a feeling you might get lost in that libary." Richard said.
  4. I ran to the old armory. It was left of the palace and to my right since I was facing the palace. It was made out of the finnest rock to protect it from cannons and fire, and water. The roof was made out of a strong thick metal. But the door was made out of wood. We were going to replace it with an iron door like the gates were. But I guess that was nothing compared to the dark beings. I pulled the door and armor fell out. Not just any armor. It was armor on a dead body of a soldier. I saw that it was our own. I then actually took a good look at my surroundings. There were hole's in the castle, some of the buildings were burnt, everything was destoryed and not alive as it use to be. I loved to come out here and see the green grass, see the growing crops by the palace, the smoke coming from Jo's bakery. It was alive and beautiful. Now its torn apart and destoryed. I knelt to the dead knight and said "This would never have happened if I was here. I should have been there to protect the kingdom. My home. But I left.....I noticed that the bone hands were holding an old note. I unfolded it and read it. "Die today, others will live tomarrow......Tyler Multch" A tear ran down my cheek. This was our old general. Tyler.....he taught me so much and gave everyone so much respect. I looked past the wooden doors and saw more dead soldiers in armor. They fought for our kingdom and died.....and I wasn't here.....Another tear ran down my cheek. This is the home I grew up in. Where I learned to hold a sword. Where I learned that boring old math. The place that I call home and the people who I call family.
  5. *110 years ago* The amory was a big round building with thick rocks as a wall. The floor and walls were yellow with green rugs and banners of the necklace of peace. Which was a lion and egale. The weapons were locked up under the floors. You had to have a special key to get them. It held every weapon you could think of. The dummies were made with fine fabrics and had armor on them to practice fighting. It was always alive with soldier practicing or teaching. I remember one day when I was 7 I wandered off to the armory. I was being tutored but I hated math and anything to do with it. Tyler was the leading general and was talking with a soldier. I opened the door and everyone looked at the only door to get in and out to see who was coming in. They saw that it was me and they all bowed. "Tyler?" I asked. He then asked "Yes prince Jacob?" He had brown curly hair and tanned skin. His eyes were a dark blue green color and he had a scar across his eye. "Can you tell everyone to stop bowing?" I asked him. "Your our prince. Tell them that yourself." He said calmly. "You don't need to bow." I said. They all got up and one asked "Young Prince Jacob, arn't you suppose to be with your tutor?" "I don't wanna learn boring stuff. I wanna learn how to fight. I wanna become a warrior and protect this kingdom from all evil I see." I said getting in a battle stance. "Bu-" One was about to say but Tyler cut him off. He walked to me and said "You want to learn how to fight? Vary well." He pulled out his sword and handed it to me. I grabbed it and almost dropped it. "Try fighting that armored dummy." He said. I pulled the sword up and almost fell. I walked with the heavy sword and tried to swing at it but I missed. I swang again and hit the armor. But it didn't even leave a scratch. Showing how strong their armor is. I fell and Tyler knelt down to my height. "I know learning math and the other subjects seem boring but its an important part of life." He said. I looked down feeling awkward. "You need to know history and how the different government systems work and how this kingdom's government works. You need to understand the mistakes of the past so you wont make them in the future. Science helps you with learning the weak parts of armor and the human body. So you can find your enemy's weakness but protect your weakness. You can also heal a comrade who was injured in battle from the herbs and how to clean the wound with what and such."
  6. "Also in literature you gotta know how to talk. You gotta know how to write for treaties or making contracts and forming allies with other kingdoms. Who can read gibberdish? No one. In math you'll learn about the value of money and how to spend it so you wont go bankrupt. Angles for a arrow or a catapult. Theres so much you still need to learn before you train to be a warrior or a king." Tyler said. I took his words deep inside of me and said "So I wont make a fool of myself?" "Yes, but sometimes in battle I'll let you in on a little secret...." He whispered low. "What?" I whispered back. "Sometimes you have to take a stupid risk to make a miracle happen." He said. "Now you go back to your tutor and work hard. And once you learn so much your head might pop then you can come and try your new knowledge on the evil dummies here in the armory." Tyler said. I nodded. "Yeah! I'll work hard and make good choices." I got up and the door opened. In came my two brothers. Matthew and Richard.
  7. Richard was a small kid when he was 6. His eyes were big with knowledge and he really needed his glasses. He always weared scholor clothes. A brown tunic and a white butttoned shirt with brown pants and black shoes. His light hazel eyes looked at me and said "Jacob we been looking for you. Why are you here in the armory?" Matthew right behind him stood tall. He was 8 and his green eyes were happy and kind. He was also protective especially over his younger brothers. Me and Richard. His black hair was long and hanged over his eyes. He was wearing a dark green tunic over a silver shir and had white pants with gray shoes. "Lucky you got out of the tutor's science lecture." He said bored. "I think its quiet intruging on how-" Richard was about to say until Matthew covered his mouth and said "I don't think you should spread about your new knowledge like that. Espeacially around other men." I looked at Tyler and said "Thanks." Richard moved Matthew's mouth and said "Want to play chess. To test your already known knowledge. Cause its kinda obivious that you know about logic since you skipped the tutoring." Richard said to me. "Not today young brother. I think I gotta catch up before I play chess." I said passing by him. I patted his head. Richard sighed and said "I'll be in the libary." "Your gona become a hermit reading all those books. How many have you read already?" Matthew asked. "I read about.......115....I believe. I lost count after that number." Ricahrd said. Matthew's eyes grew wide with shock. "You are gona become a hermit!" He said. I laughed. We walked away from the armory. And I could see Tyler smile to himself.
  8. *Back to present* Now everyone is gone. The armory is full of dust, most of the weapons are broken and theres not even a rat who could live here. I entered the broken place. I picked up the secret compartment with the weapons. The lock was burned off so I could open it easily. I opened it and found many useful weapons. I smiled. I found my old sword. It had a white hilt with a blue gem that was held by a silver vine like metal that was holding the whole thing together. The blade still shined and didn't have a crack or hasn't rusted. On the blue gem was a saying that I have engraved on. It said "Darkness can consume but light will show the way out of the tunnel even in the most hopeless of times." I held up it's light weight. It was speacially designed to give deep attacks that were quick. Luckly I found Matthew's also. His was a thicker blade that had a gold like vine holding in a green gem on a black sword. It was designed for heavey kill attacks, great for blocking other sword attacks. On his gem it said "Help allies but protect who you consider family." Richard was a thin blade held together with a bronze like vine to the red hilt. There was a orange red gem on it that had a saying "No matter how many pieces there are or how broken something is. It can always be put back together."
  9. I saw some 2 spears, 2 bow and quivers of arrows, and 3 dagger. I found a bag. It can hold everything until we meet back by Jo's bakery. I packed everything and started to look for anything else that would be useful.....
  10. *Matthew's POV* I ran to the libary to look for the books that Richard told me to find. Man I can't believe that Richard read all of these books at least twice. I looked at the three flight of stairs. Why does he have me do this? "No can't be weak to a couple of books. I gotta do this for _____! Ready set Charge!" I yelled. I ran to the latter and climbed it to the second floor. I went to the fifth shelf to the right to find the summoning book. "What section!?" I said. "Oh its right in front of me......" Wow I feel so smart. The book is at my eye level saying 'Summoning'. I moved three shelves to the left to find the book 'Formations'. I bent over and found it on the bottom. I picked up the books and turned to the latter and noticed how high I was. It was a good ten feet to the ground. "I think I just realized that I'm afraid of heights..." I said. And Richard fell from the third floor from Lily. I shook as I started to climb down. "I don't wanna fall...." I said. I went to the bottom and was leaving until I realized that I left the books on the second floor. "Guess I'm so worried and scared of heights that I left the books...." I sighed. "No wonder Richard gave me this task....." I said.
  11. I climbed back down to the first floor with both books and began to walk back to Jo's bakery. I looked around the hall and remembered when I got the first news of _____ comeing to live in the palace and that she was suppose to marry one of us.....*100 Years ago* I was writing in my journal on the couch in the room next to the study. There was the chess table and the canvas with paint. The fighting area where I and Jacob practiced was there with some obsticles and fencing swords. I was on the couch and didn't look at anyone. Not even my brothers. I was ashamed of myself because of Lily at the time. I felt torn at the time. Richard came in and had his glasses on for a second but took them of so his intelligant hazel eyes looked straight through me. He always seemed to look right into me and sense my actual mood. I didn't have to talk to him and he would know what to say. Funny cause I was suppose to do that since I was the older brother. "Guess we are going to have someone new to the palace tomarrow. She comes from a farm town. Mother and father are hoping to have one of us wed her." He explained. I said nothing. "Guess your still up and not over that girl Lily? Well your gona have to talk. Your the next in line for the throne. So your going have to talk. And your going to have to talk to this girl." Richard said. "Your super stuborn you know." He said. I still said nothing. "He looked at me with his owl like eyes. "Her name is also ____. Beautiful name. Don't you agree?" He said. It was a beautiful name. The first time I heard it I wanted to talk to this girl and meet her. And Richard with mind like powers read my mind. He got up and was about to leave but stopped and said "And I think she'll do you good Matthew. Bring you out of your iron shell you made around yourself. She'll probably just grab the smallest, weakest hammer and break it to tiny pieces." Richard said. He left and I looked at where he stood. And he was right. When I first saw her she was the most beautiful young woman I ever saw. And she grabbed that hammer and gentle hit my iron shell and she saw me.....and I fell in love with her.....
  12. *Present* I ran to Jo's bakery and there waiting was Jacob with weapons. "Hey! Guess what I found" He said cheefully. He was wearing a light blue tunic with a white shirt and white pants with white shoes. He picked up my old sword. "My sword!" I said shocked. I looked at my side and saw my sword holder. I took out the other sword and held the one that Jacob gave me. I read the engravement. I smiled and put it in the sword holder. "I also found 3 daggers, 2 spears, and 2 bows. And two full quivers of arrows." Jacob said. He had his old sword in his sword holder and Richards in his hand. I looked at the distance and saw Richard with other figures.
  13. They were the crew memebers from Richard's crew. One was a blind man named Jarrad. He had a blue shirt, a blind fold and black pants. Two swords were on his back. Next to him was the old man, Mac, he had green eyes and white hair. One eye was dead and the other wasn't. Then there was Pip, a big muscular guy with brown hair, green shirt and bage shorts. There was carl with red hair, green shirt, blue tunic and navy blue pants. Mac had a sword at his side and Pip had a two strong poles. They came to us and Richard said "Okay Pip your good with spears. Heres one." He handed Pip one. "This is fine wood here. The tip is made out of a vary hard rock. It takes forever to sharpen it but it never breaks." He said in a deep voice. "Carl you can shoot arrows right?" Richard asked. "Yup I use to hunt in the woods with these for deer." He said. Mac then said "Me and Jarrad have our own speacial weapons. Swords from Japan!" He said. "Boo-yah!" Jarrad said. Richard smiled and shook his head. "Got ya to smile!" Mac said. "I'll take the other arrow. Matthew your good with spears right?" Richard asked me. "Yeah." I said. "He handed me the other spear. "I'll take the other bow and quiver." Richard said. "I'll stick with the dagger and sword." Jacob said. "No you need another primary weapon.....hold on a second..." Richard said. He closed his eyes and reached his hand out in a fist. Then out of thin air a bow and quiver appeared. It was a long silver one with golden arrows. "The arrows were hand crafted from the sun's rays, the bow itseld is made from the storm clouds so when you shoot it lighting will strike you enemy." Ricahrd explained.
  14. "Why don't you use it for yourself?" Jacob asked. "Jacob....this bow and these arrows were made for you. I found them in the chest of this one island. No one could control it's power except Jacob. With eyes as blue as the sky. Hair that looked like gold. That was you. So take it and kick some butt." Richard said. Jacob patted him and said "Your the best." "You have the books?" Ricahrd asked me. "Yup." I said handing them to him. "Good. Now ready everyone?" Richard said. "We fight together as a family." He said putting out his hand. "Brothers forever." Jacob said putting his hand on Richard's. "Always together" I said putting my hand. Jarrad, Mac, Pip, and Carl put their hands on top to and Mac said "A family. Ready?! set!" "HOO-RAH!" We all said. Our hands went up in the air and darkness swirled aorund us. And we teloported to save ____.
  15. *Your POV* You open your eyes. Your weak, tired, and thirsty. You are being totured for information. By a guy named Carl. Great now theres two Carl' from the crew ship and a disgusting dark being. You look down and see that you have bunch of whip cuts. Luckly your dress was still on. The chains left your wrist scars and your broken leg doesn't seem to be getting better. "They do this to people?" You think. Carl comes in and said "Whats wrong princess? You don't look too happy. Why don't we turn that frown upside down!" He twisted his hand in a circular motion and you turned but the chains didn't move with you. So your right arm felt like it was going to be ripped off. You scream. The pale being smiled and his eyes sparkled with joy. "Havn't heard a scream from you in a while. How long has it been? Only a day. Your in pain now. I was tortured for a month. Other for years. But we each set a certain level of pain for the other. Worse then the one before. But I'm only giving you a small portion of that." Carl said. "I thought that you said you were going to give me the high class treatment?" "We are. We are giving the smallest, weakest pain in the world. But its just tempting to stab your throat and squish your heart." Carl said.
  16. Then there was a crack through a tornado of light mixed with darkness. It broke and there stood friends that you miss so much. Mac, Pip, red hair carl, Jarrad, Richard, Jacob and Matthew. Small lights of light and darkness floated in the air then went straight to the dark being Carl-2 (I'm gona call Dark being Carl, Carl-2. Crew member Carl is just Carl.) He barely dodge. "Havn't seen you for a while buddy Richard!" He chided. "Haha......" Richard looked happen then got super serious and said "Don't ever call me your buddy." His eyes glowed and light formed in his hands. "What are you waiting for?" Jacob asked. "Just go and charge but be careful around ____. Theres two portals fill with more dark beings. Technically a trap. But thers more then just dark beings on the other sides. So I wish you luck." Richard said. Matthew ran straight to you and the portals opened. But he was quick and broke your chains and caught you in his arms. "Your going to be safe now." He whispers in your ear.
  17. Thats the end of part 13! Part 14 will be out soon!

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