Love found at sea (Part 10)

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Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. The rest of the crew came out and gasped when they saw Richard. Their eyes grew wide and shocked at his glowing red eyes. It took a lot of explaining. It was big and they had to take it all in at once. But after explaining Pip said "So you guys are going to the kingdom?" Jacob nodded. "Keep an eye on the ship okay. Just until we get back." Richard. Said. Pip nodded and looked Richard up and down to see if anything else was different about him other then his eyes. "Lets get going. Ready?" Richard said looking at Jacob. Jacob nodded. "Can I come?" You asked. Jacob and Mary looked at each other. "Of corse you can." Richard interupted their stares. He held out his hand and you grabbed it. Mary grabbed his hand and Jacob grabbed yours and Marys. "Here we go..." Richard said. His eyes glowed red. A black vortex swirled around the four of you. It was pure darkness except it had some speckles of light here and there. Your hair got in your face. You shook your head to get it out and then the blackness faded. So did the wind and there you were at the gates of the castle. "Why couldn't you take us to Matthew?" Jacob asked. "I don't know where Matthew is in the castle you idiot. Also a darker force other then mine guards this place since we were last here." Richard's eyes glowed. He closed his eyes. He didn't move as if trying to hold back the dark side of his personality that the dark powers brought out. "Lets go" He said walking inside of the grounds of the castle.
  2. You all followed him to the throne room. Everything was the same as before. The blue marble floors that seemed to be cracked. The silvery colums and white walls with pictures. You looked at the one with the beautiful woman with black hair and green eyes with the man with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes with the three young men. One looked like the man and Jacob. The one in the middle looked like Richard with his hazel eyes. The one on the left looked like the woman. "So thats their family......" You thought to yourself. Richard stopped. "Please don't tell me its her.......dam.....not her..." He mumbled. "Who?" Mary asked. You heard a cruel laughter. Footsteps was heard in the throne room. Then one of the cutest girls you ever seen was there. She had clond hair that was braided in four braids. One on both sides of her head and two at the back. She had a short black dress that was poofy at the bottom. Black ribbon like sting covered the rest of her legs. She had red eyes that glowed. But they turned to a light hazel. The dress turned a blue color. She had black boots. She smiled cruelly at the sight of Richard. "Ah one of my little new recruiters! Remember all of the fun in the dark releam?" She said. "Ha! The dark releam? Its practically nothing. Just full of sluts and dirty idiotic dark beings." Richard said. The girl's smile faded "You always came up with the witty replys. You smart hot head" She said. "Less chit chat disgusting slut. Where is my brother Matthew?" Richard said. "Oh sweetie you gotta ask nicer then that!" She smiled. She walked next to him and said "So thinking you can control the dark powers? Oh you wont be able to control them for long sweet cake." She said. "I will" He said. Black vortex swirled around him and there stood a big black, red eyed wolf. The girl smiled. "You wanna play? Well I'll give you a game. Fetch!" She threw a ball of darkness at him and you heard Richard say in all of your minds "Search the castle."
  3. You ran all over the castle in search of a black haired, green eyed guy. You then went to the room with the chess board and saw him. He was sitting down and had a ball of light in his hand. He was about to throw it at you but you said "Wait! I'm here to help you! My name is Aura. Your two brothers are here. We came to save you." He looked at you and in a deep sexy voice he said "_____?" You looked at him confused. "No my name is Aura. Now come on Richard probably-" You heard a crash. You both ran outside and saw that there was the other dark being that Richard was fighting. "You didn't think that dog would survive me for more then five minnutes?" She giggled. "What did you do?" You said. "Just what any dog owner would do to a bad dog. You know put it down..." She smiled. "He's back at the dark releam. He's gona have to go through the traps, other creatures and more dark beings before he can get here!" She clasped her hands "His pain was delishious though." "The guy did a ball of light." The light slowed down as it came closer to her and then it shattered to pieces like glass. "Sorry cuttie but a ball of light can't stop me...." She walked closer to you two.
  4. Then she stopped. She looked at you and smiled "Little light girl is here and can't remember anything? Oh! Poor little girl! You know what I'll just let you two go......This kingdom had already got all of my distruction. Bye bye!" A swirling black cloud surrounded her and she was then gone. You heard Mary get up and said "Where did they go?" You explained to her what happened. She flinched when she heard about Richard. "I hope he'll be okay. And as himself when he comes back......." She looked down as if remembering memories. "Is something wrong?" You asked. "No I'm just tired. You two probably should get to sleep..." She walked away.
  5. You went to this one room. It had a balcony that over watched the beautiful garden. In the closet it had beautiful dresses with different designs and lots of acessories and shoes. The bed was nice and soft. It was all familiar but you couldn't remember why. You layed on the bed and went to sleep.........
  6. In your dream you back in the dark releam. You look around and see Richard's wolf form in front of you. Surprisenly he seemed awfully weak. You saw Scar across from him. "Poor prince is getting weak?" He smiled. The dog growled. "Having that fight WITH Chole was idiotic you know that? She sure has drained a lot from you." The wolf looked at him. "Don't worry you don't have to fight me or anything in the dark releam for the light being. You havn't feed for how long? Because of that your soul itself will be destoryed. You can't win. You don't even have enough power to teleport. You lost you know that? You wont be able to live to see the fireworks" Said Scar. You looked Richard. "I may be weak but I'll fight till I'm nothing!" The wolf said. Then they raged into battle. You woke up. You looked around and saw that it was morning. You walked out of the room and saw Mary. She was crying. "Is something wrong?" You asked. She looked at you and said "Its nothing...." You sit next to her on the cold floor and said "Then why are you crying then?" "It just feels like everything is repeating again......thats all......I heard that a war is coming. Biggest in all of time. But it will have two main worlds against each other. The world Light against the dark releam......." She said. "How did you find this out?" You asked. "I was told in my death. After I died I was in the releam of light. Or like a little place to hold me before I was reborn. You see when I was there is was like paradise. Right before I was reborn though I heard from a woman in white about a war. A war that will rage on. And there was also a prophecy. The three brothers shall rise in power. Together they shall lead the war of worlds of Light and Darkness. Guided by the being of light. With powers of unspeakable strength that no one can not get but only by themselves. Find who they are and either the world is shined by light of consumed by darkness......That was the procphey that I heard. I thought it would ryhme or something but it didn't. Then I was reborn........Here I am now." she said. "So I guess there is another person that we gotta find." You said. "Who?" She asked. "Who ever this light being is." You said. She looked at you with her big purple eyes. "Right...." She mumbled.
  7. You looked at her and said "You know who the being of light is don't you?" She looked at you. "I gotta go" She said. She got up and went off. You got up and wandered around the place. The castle looked like it was really beautiful. The pictures were amazing. You then bumped into the guy Matthew. "Hi Arua" He said. "Hi Matthew. So now you safe." You said. He looked at you and said "I was more worried about you." You looked at his georgeous green eyes. You put your hand on his cheek and kissed his lips for a reason you did not know of. You thought "What the heck am I doing?! I barely know this guy!" But you didn't let go. He kissed you passionatly. You pulled back and said "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me..." He smiled and said "I do _____" He kissed you passionatly. Then like you just woke up you had a vision of your past life. When you first met Queen Jasmine when you were young. Your friend's Jake and Kate. Your mom and dad. Leaving your farm village. First entering the castle. First meeting Mary the servant. First seeing the picture of the king, queen and the three princes. Meeting Richard. Meeting Jacob. Meeting Matthew. Meeting Lily the dark being. Richard's funeral. Jake becoming a knight. You being the light being. Meeting Cassidy. The dead girl that Jacob loved. The clings of swords when Jake and Richard fought. Mary bringing him back. Jacob disappearing with Cassidy. The dagger with everyone's powers of light in it. Fighting Lily. Defeating her. Marrying Matthew. Then dying before anything else. After what happened to everyone and the kingdom was a mystery. You died before it all happened. You looked at Matthew and hugged his neck. He held you tighter. You almost couldn't breath. You smiled and said "I love you Matthew...." "I missed you _____" He whispered in your ear. You kissed his cheek.
  8. You went back to kissing for who knows how long. You missed him so much. He squeezed you. Everything else was a blur though. Then you stopped to breath. You looked at his green eyes. He kissed your neck and he held you tightly. "I don't ever want to let you go again. I couldn't bare it when you died......" As he said the words he held you tighter. You layed your head on his big strong chest and heard his heart beat. You then let go and walked around the castle. You looked at the place and said "What happened to the castle?" "Dark beings. A terrible illness came after you left. Crimes seemed to pop up everywhere. More deaths happened. I tried to investigate into it but then a swarm of dark beings came. It was a storm. Unlike anything I ever seen. It tore through buildings. Then a battle raged on. It was a terrible battle. I saw every knight before my eyes be destroyed by the swarming cloud of darkness. I did my best to save the kingdom. But the cloud then just broke through the doors and killed everyone. I didn't know what if was. But it made this beautiful once prosperous land to fall. Now its all just old ruins..." Matthew said. "I wonder what the dark cloud is...." You said. Just when you said that the front doors bursted open and there you saw Scar. He smiled behind him was that one girl that you saw when you entered the castle again. They both smiled. "Well well the light being got her memories for the first time. Guess the light world is desding to change the tides." Scar said. "Wanna play?" The girl jumped in front of Scar. She had a sword in hand. "Lets play!" She was about to strike at you. You put your hands infront of you. You tried to do your powers but they were not working. Right when it was about to stab you you saw a black vortex open. Out of the swirling blackness came a black bird. The eyes glowed and a ray of light came from it's beak. The girl doged. "How can you be back? You should have been destoryed by now!" The bird landed and turned into Richard with a sword "Maybe its not because I fed on pain or suffering. Maybe its just part of my rage because I havn't!" He yelled. His eyes glowed with hunger and anger at the same time. His red eyes turned from red to gold and he snapped his fingers. Light swirled around his hand. Scar's smile faded. "Thats inpossible light can't be forced into a-" Then Richard did a throwing motion and the light grew bigger and bigger. Scar and the girl teleported out of the castle. "Get out of the castle...." Richard said. He eyes stoppd glowing gold and the light soon faded.
  9. "Wow...." You had to say. Richard looked at you and Matthew "Havn't seen you for a while" Matthew looked at him carefully "What did they mean that your hungry? Are you like a vampire?" Matthew said. Richard said "Dark beings don't eat food like normal people. They feed off of pain and suffering. The more I use the dark powers of the dark beings the more I'll have to feed on pain and suffering." You looked at him and said "Well how can we stop that?" "I'm not sure. But I got to be careful. If it continues to grow more attacks like that might happen if I can't control it." "So your like a army that will attack at any moment?" Matthew said. "Yup, don't worry I'm trying to find out how to stop it." He looked at his hands. They were pale and shaking. "I must go. Call me if you need help." Then he was gone.
  10. Hi! Thats the end of part 10! Read the next two paragraphs please!
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